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Sakai assignments allow instructors to provide instructions, collect, grade, and provide feedback on student work.
Assessments are useful for both formative assessment, i.e. when the emphasis is more on the feedback provided by the instructor and summative
assessment, i.e. when the emphasis is more on the grade given to the student for the assignment.

Pros & Cons

     Advantages  Challenges
Assignments can be created in any Content Area of Blackboard.
There is a moderate learning curve for this tool. Facutly and students both need to practice creation and submission of assignments.
A grade column is automatically created in the Grade book when an assignment is created in the Saki course.

Assignments are stored in and located in Sakai.

-Reduces email to faculty

Multiple files can be submitted


Assignments List shows if and when the assignment was submitted

-Assignment details will show date and time an assignment was submitted
The instructor can download all the student submissions for an assignment (zip file) or can download each student's submission individually. Graded assignments can also be uploaded in bulk.
Papers can be graded offline.