Mailbox Restoration


People who can paint mailboxes as well as I are hard to come by, so if your mailbox looks like it could use a repainting, please don't hesitate to email me to come do it. People often receive letters and fees from the HOA about unkempt mailboxes, and often times they don't know where to start. Don't let the HOA charge you a fee for a dull mailbox!

I charge $25 to paint a mailbox.

This includes the painting of the mailbox with the black glossy Krylon paint, the painting of the flag, and the painting of the numbers with the silver or gold Krylon paint (applied with a sponge brush).

I charge $7/number to replace numbers.

I can paint mailboxes in Springmonte, Saddlebrook, Glenmoor, Brookwood Lake, Windrose, Summerset, Parc of Creekstone, The Cottages of Creekstone, Creekstone Estates, and Chatsworth.

I also do pressure washing if you need your driveway pressure washed.