Pressure Wash FAQ

What are the specifications of your machine?

  • My Machine Is a 3100 PSI 2.4 GPM pressure washer.

How much do you charge?

  • I charge $0.08 per square foot (a great discounted price compared to other businesses.

How do you measure the driveway?

  • I use a measuring wheel to calculate the distance of the length and the width of the driveway.

How do you calculate the area of my driveway?

  • I use Google maps to hover over and find the area using the "measure distance" feature. Once I connect the last point with the first point I planted, Google maps gives me the square footage of the area.

What do you need from me to pressure wash my driveway?

  • Just your water

Can you still pressure wash if I'm not home?

  • No. I must be able to verify that it's your house.

How can I pay you?

  • You can pay me by either cash or check.

Do you leave stripes?

  • No I don't. My pressure washer is powerful enough to evenly clean the driveway without leaving stripes.