Finding a Service Site

Registered for a class that requires you to complete 20+ hours of DIRECT service in the community?  Not sure how to find that opportunity?  No worries:  the CEL offers LOTS of resources to help you in your search!  (Note:  links to ALL these resources are also on the sidebar to the right!

SL 101 Lesson Two: Finding a Service Site

TAKE ACTION! is a categorical listing of community-based organizations where Loyola students have volunteered recently, complete with maps showing where those organizations are located.  Take Action also provides links to the organizations' description in RamblerLink.

RamblerLink is a searchable database maintained by the CEL and Loyola's Career Centers, in cooperation with organizations all over Chicago.  Organizations can use RamblerLink to post volunteer positions, internships, and full-time jobs as a way of recruiting Loyola students.

The CEL regularly posts hot new opportunities, including volunteer opportunities, on its HOTLIST Tumblr page.  Tumblr posts also feed to the CEL's Facebook and Twitter pages, so follow us for the latest info about getting engaged in your community!

The CEL's peer mentor team also offers walk-in hours every weekday (Monday-Friday 1:30-4 PM) in Sullivan 295.  Our student staff will work with you one-on-one to help you find the placement that's best for you.