From Lucky Duck Infant Massage Parents...

I got so much more... a great source of support, empathy and kindness in those first months of parenthood. 

I'm sorry it's only five weeks. It has become the one hour of my week that I find baby and I can relax!

After our first class, my husband and I noticed a sense of calmness in our baby.

Bedtime had always been a struggle for us but using the massage techniques Gabrielle taught, he now eases into sleep each night. 

We both felt a difference in our relationship with our son.


I loved seeing my baby’s enjoyment in class, babbling and smiling….  She loved the touch and the singing, too!

I liked the intimacy of class… a nurturing, open-minded atmosphere.

It was so great to meet you and learn so much from you...about massage, and babies and families and nurturing

We thoroughly enjoyed it and will carry all this wisdom now, and put it into practice in our lives!

Totally Zen-Baby after Infant Massage Class that he loves...

 "[We] had a good massage day! He happily let me massage his legs, feet and belly and gave me a few coos throughout. He was fussy before the massage with some tummy aches and unable to wind down. After the massage he was asleep in 5 minutes!"

- Mom of a six-week old


"Olivia and I loved our time in class. I feel we are closer and she is easier to calm down when upset. I liked the intimacy of class. Gabrielle was warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable."

-Rachel, mom of Olivia, 5 months


"I learned my baby very much enjoys being touched and that massage makes her happy. We connect even more through massage."

- Theresa, mom of Lulu, 3 months


"I loved seeing Luisa's enjoyment in class –babbling and smiling… it was obviously a comfortable environment for her. She loved the touch and the singing, too! Gabrielle created a supportive atmosphere… she encouraged the expression of different opinions and welcomed everyone warmly. She sent very thorough emails with all the necessary information, and reminders about classes, which is really helpful for busy moms. My daughter and I shared something special without the distraction of the rest of our daily schedule."

- Liz, mom of Luisa, 6 months


"Noah entered our lives 6 weeks early and had tough going the 1st few weeks. I feel as though he needs the security of warmth and touch more so than other babies. Gabrielle conducted each session in a way that really made you feel connected to your baby. A true bonding experience! Between her soothing voice and caring demeanor, each class was relaxing for us.


After our first massage class, my husband and I noticed a sense of calmness in Noah. Bedtime had always been a struggle for us but using the massage techniques Gabrielle taught us, Noah now eases into sleep each night.


Massage is a great tool for me to teach my husband [who wasn’t able to attend class] and for him to utilize with Noah. I think it gives dads a connection with babies similar to breastfeeding…. We both felt a difference in our relationship with our son."

- Fiona, mom of Noah, 3 months


"I love the music, the singing, the books, the anecdotes, the positive attitude... this was fabulous!"

- Jennifer, mom of Graham, 6 months


"... a calm, nurturing, open-minded atmosphere and the opportunity to spend special time with my son. Infant massage class encouraged calm, quiet time (while awake!) for my very busy six-month old and I, which was wonderful. Gabrielle was very informative and understanding... in tune with all the babies. "

-KC, mom of Grayden, 6 months


"Lucy has been a very alert and curious baby from the time she was born. Her abundance of curiosity paired with acid reflux and gas problems caused her to have difficulty transitioning to a sleeping state and staying asleep, which resulted in many days and nights filled with prolonged crying. Due to these issues, I was desperate to find ways to help my Lucy get some much needed sleep and relief from the gas pains that caused her frequent discomfort.


From the first massage class, I could tell Lucy loved not only the touch but also was able to transition from a wakeful alert state to a relaxed sleeping state during class, without any crying to boot. Gabrielle’s massage class helped so much with this transition that, to my complete amazement, Lucy fell asleep during our second class!

This wonderful transition, paired with Gabrielle’s technique of teaching strokes in a supportive and encouraging manner, helped me to incorporate massage into Lucy’s bedtime routine. This has helped Lucy –and her parents -through what was once a difficult time every day.


I took a massage class with Lucy when she was only six weeks old and also have been in mommy & me yoga classes where they incorporate baby massage and I must say that Gabrielle far surpasses them all in teaching baby massage!! I think her class would be (and has been!) an amazing class to take with your baby."

-Sarah, mom of Lucy, 4 months


"I really enjoyed the discussion topics Gabrielle brought each week. It is great to have the chance to hear other moms' thoughts and feelings.  Gabrielle was wonderful, very welcoming and open with each mom and baby pair. For us, she was great about how much my little guy was curious and wandering around the circle.... I learned that infant massage is on his terms and can work on the go. He especially loves singing with the movements.


Massage promotes forming a loving bond with your child... it's a fun and relaxing activity we can do together for a long time."

- Diana, mom of Reed, 7 months

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