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A  ♪ from Gabrielle: 

The philosophy behind the infant massage program I teach suggests that the parent is the expert, baby is the teacher, and anyone offering learning is just a "guide".  This philosophy resonates deeply with my own beliefs so please know that my primary goal is to support moms and dads in trusting their own instincts and beliefs above all else. 

If an idea offered make sense to you and supports what feels right for you and your family, I hope you'll find comfort in taking what is helpful to you. 

If something or someone (including  "experts" of all kinds, well-meaning family and friends, and anyone who might erroneously believe they could know better than you when it comes to your child) doesn't make sense or feel right to you, I hope to fill you with the confidence to let that slide like water off Lucky Duck's back!

Please let this ♪ set the stage for the "spirit" in which I offer ideas and resources  in our classes, in private communication, and online (which we all know can be a slippery slope of too-much-information from an often-overwhelming cacaphony of un-trusted sources).  

When in doubt, I encourage you to check in with baby and check in with your heart... listen closely and to try and let your incredible, innate parenting wisdom be heard!

Infant Massage Online

Facebook: Lucky Duck Infant Massage – “Like” us to stay in the loop with a warm, fuzzy virtual nest; related happy news; funny, useful, sweet stuff just for you. - International Association of Infant Massage – US Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami (collects research on the benefits of touch therapy at all stages of life)

More Fun & Growth & Music to "Play" Together - Local Music Together Classes for children birth to five and the grownups who love them! Scarsdale storefront & various. 

www.soundsgoodwestchester.comLocal Music Together Classes for children birth to five and the grownups who love them! At  Full Circle in Harrison & various. - Learn more about the program and find classes in other parts of the country and around the world.  

Favorite "Baby Dates" - Find a wealth of parks, trails, pools and activities. - Annual listing of free and reasonable outdoor concerts to enjoy with baby, family and friends. - American Museum of Natural History (Upper West Side, NYC)

Local Resources for Before & Through & Beyond Birth

www.hudsonvalleybirthnetwork - Find Gabrielle and Lucky Duck Infant Massage under "Infant Massage" & "Parenting Support (baby and beyond)" & "Postpartum Adjustment." An extensive network of "experienced, educated and encouraging people to help you make informed choices and enjoy birth and parenting." Check out HVBN's website for a wide range of professionals from acupuncture to yoga. Calendar and resources hopefully coming soon. - NY Group Location. Full Circle Family Care is a holistic and integrative health center where your whole family can come to learn and experience the benefits of preventive health care." They offer a wide range of warm, skilled specialists and support. - NY Group Location. "The Yoga Loft is a multifaceted studio dedicated to supporting you on your journey." Find daily classes, workshops, private sessions, guest speakers and more in this "peaceful oasis" with delicious cafe downstairs. - NY Group Location. A super-sweet store and source for "eco-friendly, handmade and unique gifts, clothes and essentials." Wonderful community, too,with related classes/events/offerings. - CT Group Location.  Birth & lactation center. Lucky Duck loves their new tagline: "Hold the mother and you hold the family. 

Hold the family and you can change the world." - Former location. Space closed but founder Stephanie Hinkaty (Certified Lactation Counselor) still offers a sensitive S.O.S. for nursing moms, new mom support group, etc. - Wonderfully warm yoga classes & community with Beth Gibney. In-house at Full Circle Family Care.

Related Services & Offerings from Lucky Duck Graduates! Welcoming your "biz babies"... - "Classic children's clothing with a touch of modern!" - "Holistic therapy for body, mind & spirit" - yoga, reiki, intuitive talk therapy.

Great Stories & Poems & Such to Share - Fabulous Larchmont bookstore "for young people with an apetite for books!" (And their grownups... great browsing & Tea Room, too). - Funny, lyrical, addictive little books (and some great music, too) to share. Easily memorizable with a few reads for use as needed!

Chris Raschka, illustrator & author - brilliant pictures, musical prose & quietly astounding storytelling: Like Likes LikeSimple Gifts, Little Treasures: Endearments from Around the Worldand so many more. In great bookshops & various venues online. - Offering separate "Little Big Books" for Dads, Moms, Grandmothers, Grandfathers & Pregnancy. Classic, thoughtful, fun, fresh collections of stories, poems, songs, rhymes, essays, activities, recipes and more... paired with delightful vintage illustrations to help celebrate days and nights with baby and well beyond. Great gifts!

Portraits & Art - Find some of Audry deWys beautiful work on this site from a bonus "photo op" session with Lucky Duck Grads! - Family lifestyle photographer Jaye McLaughlin offers fun sessions to "freeze and keep" those delicious little moments of life with kids.

www.artacademyof & Vicente Saavedra of the Art Academy of Westchester (Palisade-view venue where I teach Music Together in Dobbs Ferry) offers portraits in oil, charcoal and graphite plus art classes in drawing, painting and sculpture for children and adults. 

Really Useful Stuff - "Snuggle Me Cushion" makes a cozy next for tiny ones sharing infant massage and more. 

Local Support for Special Needs & Related Concerns  - Westchester Institute for Human Development (and Hudson Valley Special Education Parent Center) "Children & Adolescents" - Westchester Jewish Community Services

Online Parenting Support

Inspiration & Encouragement

Vimala McClure's "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents" on Amazon and for free loan from the Westchester Library System. - Bradley Trevor Greive's moving & hilarious pairings of creature photos and philosophy, including "Dear Mom", "Dear Dad", "The Incredible Truth About Motherhood", "The Blue Day Book", "The Simple Truth About Love" and "The Meaning of Life".

... and so much more at  Facebook/Lucky Duck Infant Massage or, better yet, come join a class for quotes & stories & food for thought on your incredible journey!

Cozy Groups & Private Learning

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