Cozy Group Courses: How to Join & All About Your Course

A Note for Prospective Duckies:
Due to a most unfortunate -- and hopefully soon-to-be-resolved -- situation with the New York State Department of Education regarding the teaching of infant "massage" (a licensed word) to "unlicensed" parents (!) for use with their own babies, New York groups sadly remain on hold. Please do contact Gabrielle to explore other options to get you the support every new and re-newed parent deserves for a lifetime of growth and connection!

Join Your Cozy, 5-Week Group "Nest" (on hold in NY; possible by arrangement in CT)
Contact Gabrielle by email to or phone (917) 494-5371 to discuss the most comfortable plan for your family's learning and enjoyment. 

Planning ahead? 

"The Nest"  
·  This comprehensive, five-week course provides infant massage learning for parents to enhance communication and bonding; 
to ease digestion and sleep patterns; to support healthy development; and to boost confidence and joy in caring for baby.
·  Together with their babies up to one year of age, parents receive gentle guidance for sharing nurturing touch, including a time-
tested series of full-body strokes - in a relaxed, accepting environment.
·  Sessions include friendly discussion of related topics: interpreting your baby's behavioral states, cues, cries and reflexes; creating conditions for loving, lifelong attachment;  trusting yourself as "expert"; listening to your baby as "teacher"; and finding camaraderie, community, joy, and humor on your personal parenting path.
·  All courses are offered in comfortable, convenient, baby-friendly venues ideal for a cozy infant massage experience.
·  Your group course include a series of five weekly classes.
·  Group courses meet for one hour each week (with an invitation to linger together after each session).
· For parents with infant partners in their first year (with an ideal window from one month to pre-crawling).
· For Moms, Dads and Parent Couples together (birth, adoptive, foster, special situations, expectant) ... ALL parents welcome!

Infant Massage: Art Meets Science... Informed by Your Love

·  A complete, customized introduction to the art of infant massage in a safe, relaxed, responsive environment.

·  Offering an extensively-researched, time-tested sequence of strokes drawn from the caring, healing tradition of infant massage in India,  together with strokes from Swedish Massage, Reflexology & Yoga.

·  Based upon the groundbreaking work of Vimala McClure, who introduced the art of infant massage to the United States and founded the International Association of Infant Massage.

Why Take a Class?

·  Many of us live in a culture sadly lacking in compassionate support & encouragement for Moms & Dads of new babies...infant massage class can help fill that gap.

·  From a savvy dad: 

"I tried to learn infant massage from a book... it was like trying to master karate from a manual!"


Parents & Babies Rule the Roost

·  "The Nest" is offered to enhance bonding & communication between parents & children.

·   Please rest assured that you are the only ones who will touch your own babies.

·   Strokes are demonstrated on a massage doll and parents are encouraged to make themselves comfortable, attending to their own babies' needs.

·   You are the experts, your babies are the teachers, and Gabrielle is grateful to share tools you may find useful on your incredible journey together.


Nurturing the Nurturers: Relaxation & Discussion for Parents

·  Ample opportunity for "watercooler" discussion with - and support from your parenting peers.

The Nest Provides...

·  A relaxing retreat for parents & babies to enjoy together.

·  Utmost respect for the needs, sensitivities, expertise & preferences of each parent-infant pair or trio.

·   A Lucky Duck "Nest Folder" to organize class materials.

·   Weekly handouts detailing massage strokes (so you can relax & focus on meeting baby's needs & enjoying class).

·   Weekly handouts on related topics of interest.

·    A BPS-free "starter bottle" of organic, cold-pressed, pure sunflower oil.

·    New songs and stories to add to your parenting repertoire.

The Gift of Gab... What Makes Lucky Duck Infant Massage Classes Different?
·   Gentle modeling & encouragement for using your voice to soothe,  invigorate, engage, ease transitions and complement your nurturing touch.

Locations: All courses are offered in comfortable, convenient, baby-friendly venues ideal for a cozy infant massage experience!
·   Until further notice, please Contact Us directly to discuss arrangements. 
·   In the meantime, we invite you to check out these lovely past/present/future Lucky Duck Infant Massage locations and the many wonderful services they provide: 

·   Stamford, CT  Birth Bungalow  (groups held at Stamford Balance chiropractic studio)

NEW YORK (Lucky Duck loves... our New York locations and looks forward to returning soon!)
·   Harrison  Full Circle Family Care 
·  Scarsdale   Over the Moon Music and More (local home of Music Together
·   Bedford   The Yoga Loft at Bedford Post
·  Bedford Hills  Expect Natural 
·  White Plains   Dynamic Kids (pediatric therapy provider: occupational, physical, speech & language)

·  Bronx   Raising Riverdale 

·  Rivertowns   Next Nest TBA (to replace Rivertown Mamas' former studio in Dobbs Ferry)

·  Until further notice, please Contact Us directly to discuss arrangements. 

Cozy Groups & Private Learning

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