E-mailed Update 1

posted 22 Mar 2012, 07:34 by Lucky-con Lincoln

Hello Lucky People!

As you all know Lucky-Con is about 4 months away and staff have been working really hard to get the event ready. We're still happy to consider anyone who would like to become a staff member with discounts and even free tickets available, just send us an e-mail :)

We've been looking into convention bags and hope to give you all some little goodies with V.I.P's getting slightly more, there is still time to upgrade your ticket to a V.I.P. We are able to accept paypal payments now with the address being '', if you need information on any other method of payment please feel free to contact us. If tickets have not been paid by the first of April we will contact you and leave you a week to reply or pay for your ticket before your registration is wiped. We apologise for this but due to our limited number of tickets and popularity we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend. You are free to re-register but be aware tickets will be wiped in the same way at the first of each month. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions or anything at all.

Our dealer’s room is filled to the brim with an amazing variety of dealers to suit all interests. We also have a couple of amazing artists attending so don't forget to check them out. Our main guest Akemi Solloway will be promoting the charity Aid for Japan, please check out there site

We can announce a provisional list of events below and we hope to release a time table at least a month before the actual event :)

-Opening and Closing Ceremony’s
-Human Charity Auction
-A Talk on Kimono's
-Cosplay Masquerade (more details below)
-A Talk/Q&A on Cosplay by Paper Cranes
-A Talk on BJD's
-Make-up Special Effects by Tab of Khaos Kosplay
-Anime Disco
-Party Games
-Anime Screenings
-Games Room
And more to be announced

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact us about anything.

-Pia Davison

We're On a Forum!!!

posted 20 Feb 2012, 07:50 by Lucky-con Lincoln

Hey guys we now have a section in a UK forum :) so you'll have a place not only to discuss Lucky-Con. Not only that it's a roleplay forum, cosplay, warhammer, BJD's and much much more! So check it out :)

Lucky-Con 100 Ticket Promise

posted 22 Jan 2012, 06:17 by Lucky-con Lincoln

Hey Lucky People

Lucky-Con has 200 tickets available for sale. After crunching a few numbers we have reached a promise. If we can sell only half of the tickets we have for sale we promise to provide our attendants with a free gift in their convention bag! So tell your friends!


Final Information on Tickets. Essential to read please.

posted 9 Jan 2012, 08:15 by Lucky-con Lincoln

Lucky-Con Update: Tickets

Hello Lucky-Con Attenders!

The printed tickets have arrived :) So we are just sending a small update regarding this. Payment for tickets is now open for those paying in person and by postal order.

Unfortunately we can't accept payment by paypal until March but if you have registered a ticket will be saved for you. Paypal payments will officially open on 10th of March at least (It may be earlier.) If you register and reserve a ticket we can send you an e-mail with all the information then.

We hope to hold a pre-con meet late January, Early February. We will update you with all the information soon :)

If you have reserved a ticket and you have not paid by the 30th of March you will no longer have a reserved space and you will have to register again, the same will happen at the end of April and May. Tickets will not be able to be reserve in June only straight payment for them. We will notify you if this happens. We’re very sorry if this is problematic for anyone we just want to make sure everyone has the chance to get a ticket. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



posted 26 Nov 2011, 11:53 by Lucky-con Lincoln   [ updated 22 Mar 2012, 07:37 ]

Due to an error with booking of the event the date of the convention will be changing, check here for more updates.

(It is now the 30th of June)


posted 18 Nov 2011, 10:54 by Lucky-con Lincoln   [ updated 18 Nov 2011, 11:29 ]

Hello Lucky People! :D

We can now confirm the the number of people we are able to have at the con.
Only 200! With only 40 V.I.P tickets! So get your tickets soon before they're all gone!

Ticket sales will hopefully begin soon.
We will be accepting Paypal, postal order, cash(if concealed we cannot be held responsible for money lost in the post).
We will be holding a lot of Pre-Con meets so if people want to by their tickets directly from us they can :D


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