Akemi Solloway

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Tab Kimpton
Costume maker, comic author and panel presenter on many diverse, often weird subjects; Tab travels the country to events, leaving pocket watches as he goes.
Author of Khaos Komix, a GLBT* comic and the Khaotic Emporium, a Steampunk Fantasy Book of Silly, Tab is also the costume maker and a performer in the Khaotic Emporium Stage Show. The man behind Billy Strings, Tab is known to sing barbershop, eat fire, and take his clothes off for the entertainment of others. One day he may do it all at the same time.

Kirsty Smith
Burlesque dancer, singer and seller of My Little Ponies, Kii brings joy to the most miserable of souls.
Putting her forensic science degree to good use, she supplies Bronies with their fix, educating boys on the power of cool pink stuff. A fiery woman of ever changing hair colour, Kii has many on stage personas, from Ventriloquist Dummy Roxie Parts, to the ruthless Ring Mistress Rosalia.
Matthew Fielder
Character artist, martial artist and all round Showman, Matt is a pencil for hire at the mercy of Pony fandom. A gamer from a young, impressionable age, he spends a lot of his time on the internet being better than other people.
The flesh bag in charge of bringing Cogsworth the Clockwork Captain to life, the poster boy of the Khaotic Emporium, Matt continues to enrage others with his powers of stupid.

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