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Human Charity Auction

Think you could make a bit of money for Aid for Japan by standing ther looking sexy while con-go'ers bid on you!? Well you might be the perfect candidate for our human chairty auction! Con-go'ers will bid on you and the money raised will go to Aid for Japan.

Simply fill out the form bellow and either comment bellow or e-mail it to to take part. 

  • This is an all ages convention.  Please refrain from anything sexual.
  • There will be thoose under 18, please respect them.
  • Thoose under 13 must have the expressed permission of their guardian for the day. (They will have to confirm this to the staff on the day)
  • Thoose under 13 must have their guardian with them in their promised terms of the Auction (i.e. spending time with the winner)

Real Name:
Lucky-con user name:
You must register first.
What you can provide to the buyer: Eg, carrying bags, an hour or the whole con togther, etc.
Introduction: What you want us to say before you're put up for auction