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If you have reserved a ticket and you have not paid by the 30th of March you will no longer have a reserved space and you will have to register again, the same will happen at the end of April and May. Tickets will not be able to be reserve in June, only straight payment for them. We will notify you if this happens. We’re very sorry if this is problematic for anyone we just want to make sure everyone has the chance to get a ticket.
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UsernameTypePaidTicket Number
UsernameTypePaidTicket Number
Olivia Revans Normal  49 
Koneke2110 Normal  52 
HanaSuisei Normal  51 
Emma Dillon Normal  48 
Italy97 Normal  53 
Joshua Gree Normal  50 
Abigail Thomas Normal  41 
Duncan Macer Normal  47 
Tucky's Anime Ticket Winner V.I.P  40 
xCal V.I.P  
 V.I.P  19 
Bakuhatsu_Atama V.I.P  14 
cat1997 V.I.P  
Skylarcat V.I.P  
Ragdoll V.I.P  
Rawr_I'mADinosaur V.I.P  13 
Hotaru-Kai V.I.P  
Kuroshitsuji_Fan_Girl V.I.P  
Tucky's Anime Ticket Winner V.I.P  39 
Skylar Carroll V.I.P  10 
Rob Gilbank V.I.P  11 
AnimeFreak V.I.P  12 
Ben Steed V.I.P  
Laura Kirkwood V.I.P  
Showing 24 items