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"Katie. We ate your bird last night. I grilled him whole for an hour and a half. There was complete agreement from everyone there (7 of us) that it was the greatest chicken anyone has ever had. I put a pan under him on the grill and the thing dripped out 1.5 cups of juice. It was like Thanksgiving dinner except better, because instead of dry nasty turkey there was the juiciest, tastiest chicken ever.... I’ll never buy a chicken from the supermarket again. It made 3 cups of the best gravy ever, fed seven, and I’ve got it for lunch today. I knew it would be tasty, but this was ridiculous. I just ordered some from the next flock and I can’t wait. And I swear Katie’s not paying me to tell you this! It was just such a tasty chicken that I don’t think you guys should have to put up with that supermarket stuff any more. Mmm almost lunchtime! "

-Katie P.