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Birds should be ordered as soon as you decide you want them, as we are a small business and cannot provide such a high quality item in large quantities! We will likely be processing 100 birds per batch, which means 100 birds every 6 weeks or so. If we are sold out when we receive your order, we will notify you and place you on our waiting list.


Prices may change as we establish our business model, however we guarantee that once an order is placed you will pay the below price or less:

Broilers: $20 per bird (4 lb minimum weight)

5.5 lb average weight = $3.60/lb

2008 special: order 4 birds get the 5th free = $16/bird or $2.90/lb

Eggs: TBD

Turkey: TBD

We are pricing the broilers at a flat rate, as the smaller bird breeds should provide more flavor and the larger birds, obviously, more meat. As we determine our turkey and egg layer costs, we will be able to determine the prices.


Once you have placed your order, we will email you to confirm. We will again email you the finalized pick-up dates and times, usually a Friday pm or Saturday am. Please pay for your birds in check or cash during pick-up.

Once your bird is ready, you will pick it up at our farm. In the light of reducing carbon footprints, carpooling/picking up birds for others in your area is encouraged. Currently, we expect our first batch to be ready for pick-up either 4-8pm Friday, May 30 or 8-12am Saturday, May 31, whichever is more convenient for you. If these dates don't work for you, we are happy to try to arrange a special appointment for pick-up. We recommend you bring a cooler to keep your bird fresh for the ride home.

We are located in Esparto, CA. Directions to the farm will be included with your order confirmation.