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Katie grew up riding competitive dressage, an equestrian sport focused on training for strength and balance in the horse and rider. In 1990 she named her new horse Aquila (1987) after the golden eagle she was helping to care for at the time. Fast forward 18 years, and Aquila has finally come home to live with us on the farm. Now 21, Aquila is retired from the dressage world and is helping train our newly adopted wild mustang, Sage.

Sage (2004) is a 4 year old from the Fox Hog Herd Management Area in northwest Nevada near the Black Rock desert (think Burning Man). He's settled in wonderfully and will be our trail horse as we explore the nearby Cache Creek Wilderness.

Also on the farm is our pooch Paci (pronounced "posse", short for Pacifica), a pound pup we rescued in 2001 who has matured into an amazing family member. She's our backpacking, toilet-paper toting, shoe-carrying wonder-dog who also works hard to keep our cat Sherpa in line.

Last but not least, our two three-toed box turtles Hoss and Little Joe are packing on the pounds in the house until they get old and big enough to move out to our garden. There they will (hopefully) eat the garden pests and not too many strawberries.