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Welcome to Luckybird Farm!  Here on our small farm we are using organic practices to raise the most wholesome, healthy and flavorful pastured poultry available anywhere!

We began raising chickens in 2007 and are slowly developing our business to provide our local community with fresh, healthy, delicious chickens (broilers), turkeys and eggs. As we grow, our focus will be on learning and improving our farming practices, always with the goal of improving the soil on up through the grasses, insects, birds, livestock, wildlife, and, finally, ourselves.

NEW:  See those lucky birds on pasture: 

Why should you buy our birds? The meats and dairy products of animals allowed free access to forage are naturally higher in zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. Grass-fed animals also have a much better ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids and are lower in saturated fat. When you eat grass-fed meats, eggs and milk products, you get the benefits of these essential fatty acids, but especially when you include the fats from these pastured products in your diet. We raise small groups of birds in a manner that provides the healthiest, most humane possible meat and eggs for your table. We're proud of our birds!

We are located at the mouth of the beautiful Capay Valley, California, long known for its organic and sustainable farming practices. We intend to always make our practices transparent to our customers, so please feel free to ask us questions, request an appointment to tour the farm, or just give us a call.

As we learn, please continue to check in with us on this site. Feedback is always welcome!

Thank you for visiting,

Tom and Katie Schrupp