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Would you want to live the Freeta lifestyle?

What is a Freeta?

“Freeta” is a Japanese term for people who are avoiding the life of a “Salary Man,” and instead taking on a part-time career so that they have the time to pursue their hobbies. 

“A new era in Japan that is witnessing the fall of the “salaryman” and the rise of the “slacker”

-quote from Masato Nagata

Concept originated : 1987

Ages: 15- 34

Today’s generation is glamorizing the term

First, we have to know the stats..:

-1982 there were an estimated 0.5 million freetas in Japan

-The number of Freeta's for 2001 is approximately 4.17 million 

-Estimated 10 million in Japan by 2014

-The average freeta works 4.9 days per week and earns ¥139,000 per month (ca. $1,300 U.S.)


Want to READ about Freeta's in the Boston Globe?

Where do Freeta's work?

-low salary, low skill jobs

-For example: convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food outlets, restaurants

What are some of their hobbies?

-Painting, singing, songwriting, playing instruments, yoga, manga writing, etc.

What are the 3 types of Freetas?

1)Moratorium type- wants to wait before starting a career, so they can enjoy life first.

 2)Dream pursuing type- Does not put an emphasis on money, but would rather pursue his or her hobby.

3)No alternative type- Can not find a job after graduating College, so turns to low income job.

How will this effect the economy in the future?

Freeta’s do not obtain the skills necessary to work in high paying corporations that sustain the economy. Since the Freeta population is growing so rapidly, the Japanese economy is expected to plumit due to lack of skilled workers.

How are Freeta’s affecting the Japanese economy?




 Freeta Music: This song is about the Freeta lifestyle. It is called "Be Free" by Ta-ti featuring MUMA and LUXAM.


YouTube Video


So now you have the facts. 
Would you choose to be a Freeta?