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Lucky 7 Hunt Club – Bylaws


  1. The use of ATV’s will be allowed under the following conditions and anyone caught abusing this privilege will be asked to immediately leave the property.
    1. The act of going directly to your stand from your vehicle.
    2. The act of leaving your stand and returning directly to your vehicle.
    3. The act of retrieving your game, if you are physically unable to retrieve it yourself.
    4. ATV’s are permitted on work days.
    5. Maximum speed limit of 10 MPH.
  2. There are a few gated entrances to the property.  The gates must be closed and locked if applicable after you enter or exit the property.  The combination code will be issued when the hat buttons are issued.  Set the lock to 4 digit code and push in on the hasp.  The lock is spring loaded and will spring open to unlock the lock.
  3. Pennsylvania State Game laws apply.
  4. Removal of wood from the property is not permitted.
  5. No fires on the property.
  6. Damage to the property is unacceptable.
  7. Tree stands are permitted, but cannot be permanently attached to the tree. Holding straps must be loose in the off season.
  8. Trapping is permitted, but all traps must be removed from the property before the 1st day of archery.
  9. Each member covenants and agrees to indemnify and hold the Land Owner, Lessee (Lucky 7 Hunt Club), and the co-managers harmless from and against any and all damage, liability or expense arising from personal injury, including death or property damage to any person occurring as a direct or indirect result of the activities on the leased property.
    1. Hunt at your own risk.
  10. Under your membership, your child can hunt for free if either of the following apply:
    1. If your child is 18 or under, living at your residence, and not gainfully employed.
    2. If your child is 22 or under, a full time college student, and not gainfully employed.
  11. Under your membership, your legal wife can hunt for free.  Girlfriends and significant others are not permitted to hunt for free under the members membership.
  12. Non-members are not permitted on the lease, regardless of the nature.  Except if escorted by a co-manager or committee person.  I.e.: prospective new member.
  13. Each member agrees to abide by the “Hunting Stand” guidelines:
    1. All stands are to have the club members name easily identified at chest height.  In addition, a red or orange ribbon must be tied around a rung about chest height. Any stand that is not clearly marked will be considered vacant and that area will be open for other members.
    2. All club members are to obtain the approval from the club managers before they add any new stands or move existing stands. 
    3. Any unidentified stand(s) at the end of each hunting season will be removed from the leased land.
  14. Each member will be given a hat button for the current hunting year.  This hat button must be worn on your hat at all times while on the leased land.
  15. Any and all club related emails, letters, club roster, etc. can only be released by the co-managers.  Existing members are not permitted to release any club related documentation to any non-member.  New members are to request information by sending an email to the club at info@L7HC.com.
  16. Food plots are permitted in existing open areas.
  17. The Lucky 7 Hunt Club is not responsible for any personal property left on the lease.
  18. Membership dues are non-refundable if a hat button or gate code has been issued to that member.


L7HC Manager,
Jul 18, 2013, 12:02 PM