--> Club Meeting Minutes

Date:   5-22-2016                                                        Attendance:   19 Members in attendance.



  1. Introductions were made to the club meeting attendees:
    1. New members were identified.
  1. Lucky 7 Hunt Club has memberships available.  Persons interested are to contact us.  See Bylaws #12, #15.


  1. “2016” hat buttons and receipts were distributed.
    1. Hat buttons must be worn all the time on your hat.  See Bylaws #14.


  1. The club roster has not been released since we do not have enough members.
    1. Once our membership quota is filled, we will release the roster.
    2. Trying to get new members; we advertised in the paper and online.


  1. Lease cost was increased by the land owner.
    1. Membership fee for this will was also increased.


  1. Bear hunting is encouraged.
    1. People are getting a lot of bear photos on their cameras.
    2. It should be a good season on the lease.  If you get one, send us some photos.


  1. The combination for the gate locks will be changed June/July. We will send out emails when the change has been made.


  1. Food plots were reviewed.
    1. Foot plots are permitted in existing open areas.

  2. ATV's & UTV's: See bylaws for conditions of use.                                                                                                               
  3. Tree Stands: We have noticed some stands are not properly tagged and some are still not tagged at all. Unmarked stands are considered vacant and the area may be used by other hunter

  1. Our new Website is www.L7HC.com and is currently under construction.

    1. We are planning on posting some photos.
    2. We are planning on posting club updates, general information, etc.
    3. We will not post any personal information.
    4. We hope to use this to promote and facilitate future membership.
    5. If anyone can assist in developing the website, please call or email the club.