David's License Plates 

I am a collector of all types of license plates. I have completed my 50 state run as well as my Australian run. I only need one more Canadian plate to finish that run. I am currently working on completing my 1990 50 state run and my international plates.

 Most of my plates are here on the site - there are about 80 more plates that I need to photograph and upload.


Last updated: Sep. 20, 2009


 License Plates:


50 State Run

South America & Caribbean 

1990 Plates 

Florida Plates

Mexican & Canadian

Asian & Middle East

Government & Official Plates

Native American Plates

Australian Plates

University Plates

African Plates 

 Other plates


 Here is a wall full of some of my international plates and some US plates on the top.




Michael E. Arth for Florida Governor – 2010