Vilayati Bagh in Lucknow -latest images and description

The construction of Vilayati Bagh in Lucknow
is attributed to King Ghazi-ud-din-Haider  (1814 - 1827) who built this
Vilayati Bagh in Lucknow India
beautiful garden and European style house   for his European wife Vilayati Mahal for throwing royal parties and amusements. However, some scholars are of the opinion that the garden was laid out by his son King Nasir-ud-din Haider (1827-37).

Made  of Lakhauri bricks in lime-surkhi mortar, it is roughly square on plan measuring about 200 m x 200m with high enclosure walls which served as screen wall for the ladies of the royal family.  The garden has two entrances, pricipal being on the West and second on the East which leads towards river Gomti.

Designed  on Awadh style, building on the north-west  corner has few cells on either side with a courtyard in the
Vilayati Bagh, Lucknow
centre, embellished with cusped arched entrances. The western enclosure wall is comparatively higher pierced with massive gateway and flanking structures on either side.

Once the entire complex had magnificent garden with beautiful flowers and plants of European variety which were carefully grown there.  This garden was extensively damaged during the First War of Independence in 1857-58.

Besides, two more cells made of bricks masonry were added later on the

Vilayati Bagh, Lucknow
south western corner during British period. There are several structures including arched bridge, wells and three graves of Europeans namely Mate H.P. Garvey, Captain W. Helly Huchinson and Sergeant S. Newman who had been killed during the First War of India's Independence.

Location:  It is located between Dilkusha Kothi and  Kothi Bibiapur  in the Cantt. area of Lucknow. It is quite to near to Hazratganj   You may hire a taxi or an Auto-rickshaw upto Dilkusha Garden, Lucknow. After crossing Railway Crossing, take a turn towards left.  You will see Vilayati Bag here.

The whole area is surrounded by greenery and a large   number of varieties of trees and plants.  In addition, owing to its location -being the bank of River Gomti, you will feel a cool breeze blowing always. The natural environment, prevailing silence and chirping of birds remind us the then great royal time of Lucknow.
Note: This place is being renovated by ASI and it is hoped that the Vilayati Bagh will soon appear as beautiful as it was in 1814 during Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haider's time.
Note:  Recently, ASI has taken up renovation of this Bagh. 
Vilayati Bagh Images
Vilayati bagh Lucknow India
 Vilayati Bagh, Lucknow
Vilayati Bagh

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