Scientific Convention Centre in Lucknow

While visiting  old grand Monuments of Lucknow like Rumi Darwaja, Bara Imambara, you may come across a new most
beautiful structure built on the Sardar Patel Hostel grounds (sports ground) at corner of Shahmina Road, opposit Buddha Park, near the overhead railway bridge. It is Scientific Convention Centre of Lucknow.  Built with MP's fund,  it is an endeavour of our Ex Prime Minister and MP  from Lucknow, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee. It was got constructed in the year 2001. It is used for national and international level scientific conventions and cultural functions of the Lucknow University, exhibitions and alsod for  marriage parties and dinners. 

The  excellent Building of the Scientific Convention Centres  attracts  tourist in first sight. You can view from a far distance, its main dome of  which measures around 52.5 metres.  The Centre  has a vast floor area of about 200,000 sq feet, in addition to  3 halls having a  seating capacity to accommodate about 200 to 1400 persons. Apart from the 2 Banquet halls, 2 exhibition galleries and an open air theatre,, the facilities like  general library, an audiovisual library, rehearsal rooms, specious  large entrance hall    just below the dome,connecting passageways,Auditoria,remote voting system, vip suits with lodging facilities and kitchen facilities, 8 lifts, a capsule lift, all airconditioned, make the Centre one of the most liked place for all scientific conventions and functions in the city. It's centralised location in Lucknow,perhaps makes it best place among all.

Contact for booking :    Scientific Convention Centre, Chowk, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, Lucknow U.P., 226003 or Shri Gaurav  for appointment