Rumi Darwaja in Lucknow-Roomi Darwaja - Lucknow - a most spectacular architecture

An example of Awadhi architecture,
Rumi Darwaja in Lucknow was built during the year 1784 Roomi Darwaja, Lucknow
under the patronage of Nawab Asaf-Ud-dowlah.  It is an entrance to the city. This building-cum-Gate  is a 60 feet tall structure and probably one of the most impressive buildings of the world.

This looks so beautiful that you may not resist your temptation to climb up the stairs  of this 3 Storey building and have a look of the river Gomti and surrounding areas or at least have a click on your camera and take a snap of the building.  Presently, due to maintenance or other reasons - visit to top of the Gate is not allowed.

It is called the signature building of Lucknow and  also called Turkish Gate.  Since it was made by workers from Rome, hence its  name is  Roomi Gate.  The architecture design was made by Kifayatulla.
Please enlarge the image (left) and you will be amazed to see the architectural beauty of the building. Even
after 226 years of its construction, Roomi Darwaja is still serving as gate to the city.

George Russell, who worked as a journalist for The New York Times during the 19th century and  who accompanied the victorious British army after 1857 (India's First War of Freedom)  had mentioned  "the stretch of road from Rumi Darwaza to Chattar Manzil as  the best and most spectacular I've seen, better than Rome, Paris, London or Constantinople."

Rumi Gate
Roomi Darwaja was also one of the buildings that were constructed with the The Noble Mission - to provide work and food during 18th  century when  a devastating famine struck the Awadh Estate. To provide food for its starving subjects,  the then  Nawab thought of a plan to make magnificent buildings which would in turn provide employment to the people of the state. Thus the idea of Food- for- work was implemented. 

If you visit Lucknow, do have a look at this mesmerizing building.                                     
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