Maharaja Bijli Pasi Fort, Lucknow

Maharaja Bijli Pasi Quila in Lucknow
Lucknow is rich in heritage buildings and  remains of  ancient rulers.  One of them is
Maharaja Bijli Pasi Quila.  Although very few remains of the fort could be seen, the place has been renovated so as to maintain the historical places of importance. 
Maharaja Bijli Pasi was  founder of Bijnor - presently a small town near, Lucknow. He was an enlightened ruler who probably consolidated his position and established his state. He was said to be a contemporary of King  Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi and he gained prosperity as well as power during his reign.  Out of 12 forts   constructed by him, eg, Bijnor Gar Fort, Purana Fort, Pakhar Pachhim Fort, Kalli Pachhim Fort, Aurav Fort, Dadpur, Natva, Bhatgaon, Pipersend Fort, etc. one of them is the remains of fort on Bijnor Road near Aashiyana.
Maharaja Bijli Pasi was so brave that even the King of Kannauj Jaychand was afraid of him.
Maharaja Bijli Pasi Statue in Quila, Lucknow
Due to this fear, he sent armed forces under the leadership of Alaha Udal to attack the state of Maharaja Bijli Pasi. A fight took place at the present Ganjaria Farm. Maharaja Bijli Pasi faced this attack bravely.
After a continuous war which lasted 3 months and 13 days, army of Jaychand was defeated and Alaha Udal had to leave the place. Maharaja Bijli Pasi sacrificed his life in this war to protect the honour of his state.
Location:  Quila Chauraha, Bijnor Road (Jail Road) Near Bungla Bazar, Aashiya, Lucknow.  Nearby places of tourism importance are Manyavar Shri Kanshiram Smarak, Eco Garden, Baudh Vihar. 
At some distance, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, Mohanlalganj Shiv Temple are worth visiting. Lucknow Mahotsav is also held every year adjacent to this Fort.  It is quite near to Lucknow Airport and Lucknow Railway Station, Charbagh. 
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