Lucknow Museums - Information, Images, Timings and care to be taken during visit

1.State Museum  Location- (Lucknow Zoo Premises) Banarsibagh, Lucknow  
The State Museum in Lucknow,  was earlier situated in the Chattar Manzil and the Lai Baradari. It was shifted  during the year 1963 to the new building in Lucknow Zoo (Banarasi Bag).
Initially, there was collection of Avadh arts and contemporary objects of Awadh, but  later on it was expanded to more interesting  excavated antiquities from nearby places of Lucknow  particularly  where the Lord Buddha grew up.
Today, the Museum has become  a centre of Lucknow (Awadh's) sculpture, bronzes, paintings, natural history, etc.  Please do not forget to see the (1000 BC)  Egyptian Mummy and wooden sarcophagus. It will thrill you. It is 4 story building and wash rooms etc. have been provided.
Please Note:   Timing: 10.30 am to 4.00 pm   
Care :  Museum is closed on Monday and Holidays.
Entry Tickets in Museum :  Rs. 5/- Children: Rs.2/-,  Foreign Tourists fee   :  Rs. 50/-
Ticket Window is situated outside the Museum at right hand. 
Luggage Room facility available for keeping your Luggage, etc. safe during your visit to Museum. Please do not keep cash or Passport. 

Contact Phone Number: 0522-2206157, 2206158

NOTE:  Lucknow State Museum is located inside Lucknow Zoo. Hence you have to buy ticket for entering Lucknow Zoo and thereafter visit Lucknow Museum which is a 4 story building.  It is worth seeing.

2. Motilal Nehru Children Museum, Charbagh, Lucknow

A multipurpose museum for children between the age group of four to fourteen years.

Visiting hours: 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Closed on Mondays.    Tel. : 0522- 2636133.


3.  Lok Kala Sangrahalaya, Lucknow

It is a Art and Craft Museum in Kaiserbagh, Lucknow. Established by the Department of Culture, U.P. Govt., in the year 1989 at Kaiserbagh, it preserves a rare collection of 1600 artifacts which includes numerous photographs. It also houses a rich library. This museums also displays Terracotta, pottery, metal items, wooden articles, folk painings, musical instruments, masks, clay toys etc.

Timing : 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 .Closed on Mondays.
Tel. No. 0522- 2274638.

4. Gandhi Museum, Near Residency, Lucknow (Opposite to Shaheed Smarak)

The Gandhi Museum gives an insight into the different aspects of Mahatma Gandhi's life. There is a rich library in the same premises having a collection of some 18,000 books.

Timing :1.00 a. m. to 5.30 p. m.

Closes on Sundays.   Tel. : 0522-2625396

5.  Memorial Museum, Residency, Lucknow, UP, India  -  (Monday/Friday ? closed - Ticket Rs.5/- only) It contains beautiful and very old photos of Ancient Lucknow and its monuments. There is also a Tahkhana (Tablet) inside the building, down goes there a spiraling set of 44 stairs. It is said that this Tablet was erected as a memorial of heroic and self sacrificing devotion to duty displayed by Julia, wife of Major General Sir John Inglis during the defense of this Residency on June 2, 1857

This Museum is housed in a central building of Residency, in both ground floor and basement (Tahkhana). The building is  surrounded by lush green lawns and other monuments. The

basement is connected with spiral staircases ( 44 in number).   In view of the its historical importance, it is worth visiting. A grand collection of the then images,sketches, a model of the Residency buildings,  important photographs -reminding us of those days in Lucknow, paintings, documents,lithographs, items viz. guns, swords, shields, muskets, cannons,  badges, medals and other items  is displayed here. Some artifacts viz. terracotta items, a revolver, crockery items, cannon balls, etc. of earlier time  are also displayed here which were found during the excavation  in Residency complex. A number of maps of that time, a drawing of the layout of the Museum, which creats in our eyes,  a live image of the Residency, are also a must see.

The exhibits also include images of significant events of the uprising and also portraits of the then great soldiers of Lucknow who displayed distinguished courage and ability during the Indendence War,just to admire their brave deeds and noble qualities.

More information:   

Opening Hours : 10.00 am to 4.30  pm
Closed on – Monday/Friday ?
Entrance Fee : Rs. 5/- per head  ( One time fee only when you enter Residency in Lucknow)
Clock Room:      You will have to keep your Mobile, camera and Ladies Purse as these are not allowed inside. 
The Museum remains closed on :Friday/Monday
Location :  Museum is located inside Lucknow Residency, Opposite Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow
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6. GSI Museum- Newest adventure in Lucknow by GSI

Opening hours   10.30 am to 05.00 pm
Closed on    Saturday and Sunday - Take care
More information can be had during office hours from the  Director, GSI, Museum, at Phone 9450397676