Lucknow Mahotsav - Jashn-e-Virasat

Lucknow Mahotsav is a 10-day festival organised each year in Lucknow City
to showcase the rich culture and etiquette in the City of Nawabs along with shops and stalls from all over India. It is probably one of the biggest fair of the India and most liked by people of Lucknow as well as those living nearby. Lucknow Mahotsava takes place every year at the beginning of winter and one can get a feel of it's people, art, culture and the most liked cuisine.

A zoomed image of a craft item :-- 

Lucknow Mahotsava is a festival representing the Awadh culture.Organised each year by State Government of UP, and this year it continues for 10 days from 22nd November to 2nd December 2013 -may be extended ?  

Lucknow Mahotsava 2012  :Ekta ki virasat - Ganga Jamuni Tehzib
One can enjoy and see the Lucknow's  kathak dances,  sarangi and sitar recitals along with ghazals, qawalis, and thumri. etc., relish Lucknow foods, have joy rides and get a lot of information about developments, culture, facilities and tourism  in Lucknow.

Days of Lucknow Mahotsava : During the year 2012 it was  26th November to 9 December 2012.

Visitors  relishe  here Lucknow Food cuisine and the world famous foods. Around 30 stalls remained crowded with Lucknowites and people coming from different parts of the world. Most interesting were Makhan Malai, Thandai, Kesaria Dooth  (milk),Tundey Kabab, Kabab parathas and other non-veg mouth watering dishes.  Wahid Biryani, Special pan. Some stalls serving  Rajasthani food - selling laddoos, pakaure, Khasta, etc. remain crowed during mahotsav duration.  It was observed that people like  the food items more than the  joy rides.


The festival is  also  a shopping delight, as craftsmen  and artists  from almost all parts of the country reach Lucknow and their crafts become the major attraction of festival.Lucknow Chikan clothes, Lucknow clay work are also liked by all.
Around 250 commercial stalls, 387 crafts stall, 60 pavilion, 45 food stalls, 40 ice creams and beverage stalls and 70 stalls for agricultural fair have been set up in 2012.
The great events like ekka (horse pulled) races, kite flying, car races, cock-fighting and other recreation make the Lucknow festival a great fun. More than lakhs of people gathered from far and near to enjoy the festival.

What's newCycle Rally, Kushti (Wrestle) Boat Race and chess event.
Location : The venue  of the festival is Kshetriya Park, Sector L, Ashiyana, near Bangla Bazar(Jail Road) in Lucknow, Although a good  car parking is available but because of huge crowd, particularly on holidays, people have to park their cars on the roads mainly  during last two days of the festival.

Time required to visit :  Full day

Entry ticket : Rs.10/- only each person for a day.(valid for both Mahotsav and Cultural events)

Information About Lucknow Mahotsava:
  • Around 1 lakh visitors flocked on its last day of Festival.
  • Stalls had a different look because of facia and coloured dooms representing Lucknow's Monuments and style
  • Stall from Forest, Income Tax Department, UNCEF, Reserve Bank of India and other banks
  • Replica of Lucknow's Historical Monuments
  • Live performance of Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam on last day
  • 54 Horse carrying Ekka Tongas galloped on the city roads on Sunday during Ekka Tonga Race
  • Vintage car rally -48 cars participated
  • Pan Stall - a new flavours strawberry, pineapple and even pan in a paper cup to be taken by spoon ( Rs.40/-).
  • Most attractive part was Replica of Rumi Gate at Entrance
  • Prices of the Tickets for Swings, Joy rides Giant wheel, columbus, Tora Tora, swings, have doubled this year which restricted sale to some extent
  • People preferred  to have Lucknow food instead of rushing towards Swings for joyride.
Lucknow Mahotsava   held in Kshetriya Park- Smriti Upvan, (Near Bungla Bazar), Lucknow.

 Some of the images are :2012
Lucknow Mahotsav
Lucknow Mahotsava 2012
 Clay items in Lucknow Mahotsava 12
Lucknow Mahotsava 2012 crafts
Excellent craft in Lucknow Mahotsava
Lucknow crafts in Lucknow Mahotsava 2012

 Non veg Shop in Mahotsav 2010
  Craft shop in Mahotsav 2010

Lucknow Mahotsav is not merely a   10 day cultural extravaganza in the city of Nawabs, it is an excellent showcase of the arts, crafts, delicious cuisine of this city and above all it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Lucknow Mahotsav 2009

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Care: Please take care of children in the fare.