Lucknow Sight Seeing Day-5

Heritage walks - You may take a heritage walk in Lucknow. Organised by Lucknow Tourism department. It is for two areas: 1 Chowk area and 2. Kaiserbagh area  : more

Alternatively you may like to see : Lucknow Temples, details as under:

 General Ki Kothi
 Chhatar Manzil
 Globe Park
 Vilayati Bagh

 Next :  Lucknow Temples  - You may visit as per your choice

You may now visit 24 temples in Lucknow.  

Lucknow has been  a  city of religious,spiritual and courteous people. If you visit Lucknow you will surely satisfy your spiritual need very well. The temples, ghats, Churches, Gurudwara and Radhaswami Temple, Hanuman Ji temples and a number of shrines inculcate religious feelings in our heart. 


Visit the Holy Town :  Bithoor : 

Far from the noise and crowd of Kanpur City (22 Km.) - about 109 Km. from Lucknow,  you may like to visit the beautiful township of Bithoor. It is situated on the left bank of the holy river Ganga  and has been a centre of Hindu pilgrimage. Kanpur city is about 80 Kms. from Lucknow.  It offers a lot if you have religious quest and love for nature. Bithoor is a historical and religious significance. This small town has been closely associated with the Indian independence movement, particularly during the first war of India's Independence in 1857.

Best season to visit is between October to March. However, in last week of December and January month there may be fog which becomes a hurdle in movement in morning hours and night.

Importance places to visit are Valmiki Ashram,Patthar Ghat,  Brahmavart Ghat and Dhruv Teela.

Valmiki Ashram is a place where Hindu's religious book Ramayana was written and 
place of the forest-rendezvous of Sita after Lord Rama left her. It is also the birthplace of Lav and Kush. It is on some height and you can have a nice and most beautiful look of Bithoor from this place.Dhruv Teela in Bithoor is the worship place of child Dhruv. Both Brahmavart Ghat and Patthar Ghat  are of religious importance. In addition, you may also see  Ram Janki temple, Lav-Kush temple, Haridham Ashram, Jahangir Mosque and Nana Saheb Smarak.

How to reach:  Bithoor is about 109 km. away from Lucknow. Lucknow Airport (Chauhdary Charan Singh International Airport) is the nearest airport. Kanpur is the nearest Railway Station.

Where to stay:  Bithoor is about 22 Km. from Kanpur City and one can return after visiting Bithoor for comfortable stay in Kanpur where a number of hotesl provide suitable accommodation.

What to eat :  There are only 2 restaurants in Bithoor. However, local provide satisfactory foods.


Kakori Shaheed Smrati Udan
Developed and constructed by Uttar Pradesh Avas Vikas Parishad in the memory of 1857 War of Freedom fighters at Kakori few kms. away from Lucknow Chowk area.

Lucknow 5 days Sight Seeing - Over

If interested, You may now explore more in Lucknow : 

Lucknow University:

Lucknow University made a modest beginning in 1864 as Canning High School at the behest of the elite class and the taluqdars of Lucknow, in one of the palaces of the Kaisarbagh complex.  During 1905, Canning College acquired 90 acres of land in Badshah Bagh, in which the grand University building was completed in 1911. The University was earlier affiliated to Kolkata and Allahabad Universities. It was accorded independent status in 1922.  

KGMC, Lucknow
Lucknow Medical College

The foundation of King George Medical College and Hospital was laid in 1905.


Lucknow - Some more to Explore:

Chikan is a unique handi-craft clothe  made in Lucknow with delicate and artistic hand embroidery. With the help of  different types of textile fabric like muslin, siIk, chiffon, organza, doriya and organdi, and 36 types of stitches used in chikan work, a most beautiful, cool and fine looking clothes are made. Special techniques  and clothes like murri, bakhia, ,jali, tepchi, tappa, dhum, katao are widely used to produce exquisite designs that make the Lucknow specility -Chikan work. If you ever visit to Lucknow - the city of Nawabs, do buy few chikan clothes.  You will love to put on them as they are cool, nice looking and artistic in style.  

Where to Stay in Lucknow - A comprehensive list of Lucknow Hotels and contact Numbers

What to eat in Lucknow  -Lucknow Foods Cuisine - A specialty -Near Gol Darwaza  you may find some Vendors  selling Makkhan Malai  in a roud shaped  glass-covered carts.  It is so light-weight, so soft and delicious as if you have eaten a lot but nothing. Simply a cardamom flavoured whipped cream product of Lucknow. 

 It is not understood as how it is prepared but vendors can been seen in almost all the areas of Lucknow selling this Makhan Malai.

Paan chewing in Lucknow -
The custom of paan eating has been prevalent in Lucknow since the Nawab's time. It is Lucknow's cultural custom and a most liked part of Lucknow Cuisines.   Image: An exclusive  Pan Stall in a marriage function in Lucknow.

River Gomti in Lucknow       Lucknow - The City of Nawabs  and the capital of Uttar Pradesh State-is situated on the banks of River Gomti -the river that begins its journey from Fulhar Jheel  in Madhotanda near Mainkot (around 3 kilometers east of Pilibhit district in Uttar Pradesh, India).   After 240 kms, the river enters Lucknow, through which it makes a curve of about 14 km.



Still there are some forgotten monuments

1. Chaar Khamba
,2. Tomb of Janabe Alia,3. Kallan's Laat, 4. Saiper ka Maqbara,5.  Seekchavali Kothi,6.  a Maqbara in Lotun bagh, Dargah Hazrat Abbas, Rustam Nagar, Chowk,  and Vilayati Bagh in Cantt.Lucknow