Lucknow Sight Seeing Day-4 - Lucknow Outskirts - worth visiting during your tour to Lucknow:

After visiting all these places of tourist importance in the City, you may now plant to visit following nearby places  during your tour to Lucknow. These are situated at some distance from Lucknow but are equally important and worth visiting. Some religious places are centuries old and people from all over the India visit them.
Transport is available but it would be better if you take an Auto rickshaw or Taxi to reach these places as direct transport may not be available. You may plan you visit in such a way that each place can be visited on the same day and you can return to your place of stay in Lucknow.
You can view more information about these places below and prefer to visit as per  your interest and choice.
 Lucknow Outskirts: worth visiting placesduring your tour to Lucknow:

Naimisharanya (Neemsaar), a small town in Sitapur district, around 90 km from Lucknow, is one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

It is near the Lucknow-Delhi National High way No. 24 (as seen in Map).

The "Satyanarayan Vrat Katha"as given in Skand Puran, (a routine religious Hindu tradition) was first recited at Neemsaar Tirth. It is said that the most sacred books of Hindus "Purans" were written by Mahirshi Vyas at this holy place.

-Chandrika Devi Temple in Lucknow is an age old temple, situated around 28 Kms. away from the city at the Sitapur Road near Buxi Ka Talab [near bank of Gomti River]. This temple is of Ramayan Era. It is said that elder son of Shri Lakshmana - the founder of Lucknow, Rajkumar Chandraketu, was once going with Ashwmegh Horse through Gomti. 

In the way, it became dark and hence he had to take rest in the then dense forest. He prayed Goddess for safety. Within a moment there was cool moon light and the Goddess appeared before him and assured ...

Dewa Sharif : Must visit Dargah in Lucknow

Dewa Sharif Shrine in Lucknow -situated at around 39 Kms. from Lucknow, is the birth place of Haji Waris Ali Shah who influenced the lives of many generations of people with his message of universal love for humanity. Haji Waris Ali Shah was born in the first quarter of the 19th century.
More information: Dewa Sharif in Lucknow You can also see : Dargahs and Shrines in Lucknow

Some More places :

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary - Away from the noise and discomfort of the pollution, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is a natural peaceful place. Situated at 43 km. from Lucknow on the Kanpur Road, the Sanctuary attracts rare siberian migratory birds. Best season is between October and March.

or nearby :
Visit the Holy Town  -  Bithoor :
Far from the noise and crowd of Kanpur City (22 Km.) - about 109 Km. from Lucknow,  you may like to visit the beautiful township of Bithoor. It is situated on the left bank of the holy river Ganga  and has been a centre of Hindu pilgrimage. Kanpur city is about 80 Kms. from Lucknow.  It offers a lot if you have religious quest and love for nature. Bithoor is a historical and religious significance. This small town has been closely associated with the Indian independence movement, particularly during the first war of India's Independence in 1857.

Best season to visit is between October to March. However, in last week of December and January month there may be fog which becomes a hurdle in movement in morning hours and night.

Importance places to visit are Valmiki Ashram,Patthar Ghat,  Brahmavart Ghat and Dhruv Teela.
Valmiki Ashram is a place where Hindu's religious book Ramayana was written and 
place of the forest-rendezvous of Sita after Lord Rama left her. It is also the birthplace of Lav and Kush. It is on some height and you can have a nice and most beautiful look of Bithoor from this place.Dhruv Teela in Bithoor is the worship place of child Dhruv. Both Brahmavart Ghat and Patthar Ghat  are of religious importance. In addition, you may also see  Ram Janki temple, Lav-Kush temple, Haridham Ashram, Jahangir Mosque and Nana Saheb Smarak.

How to reach:  Bithoor is about 109 km. away from Lucknow. Lucknow Airport (Chauhdary Charan Singh International Airport) is the nearest airport. Kanpur is the nearest Railway Station.

Where to stay:  Bithoor is about 22 Km. from Kanpur City and one can return after visiting Bithoor for comfortable stay in Kanpur where a number of hotesl provide suitable accommodation.

What to eat :  There are only 2 restaurants in Bithoor. However, local provide satisfactory foods.

Ayodhya - Located 134 km. from Lucknow on the right bank of river Saryu, Ayodhya is famous fro the temples dedicated to Lord Ram and other deities of Hindi religioon.The must see temples are Hanumangarhi, Ramkot, Nageshwarnath temple, Kanak Bhawan, Sita Rasoi and numerous other places of interest. In addition River Saryu Ghats are beautiful and worth visiting. The place has been in lime light during the last year owing to the famous High Court verdict. The connecting Road Faizabad Road from Lucknow is now very good.

Dudwa National Park - Situated at about 238 Km. from Lucknow, in the Sal forests of North Lakhimpur Kheri district, the star attraction of the Dudhwa park is the Bengal Tiger. The Indian Rhino has also been introduced in the Park to save it from extinction. Many wild animals like Leopards, elephants, bear, ghariyal, crocodile, spotted and swamp deer can be seen here in a natural way.

Kishanpur Sanctuary - Located about 30 Km. from Dudwa, Kishanpur Sanctuary is one of the constituent of Reserve. It is spread over 200 km. and lies on the banks of River Sharda and surrounded by sal forests of adjoining reserved forests.

Frog Temple at Oyal - This unique Frog Temple is situated at about 105 kms. away from Lucknow at Oyal. It is only one of its kind in India. Constructed by the former kings of the Oyal State, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is built on a base shaped like a very large frog ! How to reach: Temple is located at Oyal villae, 10 Kms. from Hargaon, the main road to Lakhimpur Kheri - Dudhwa.


you may like to visit some religious temples, etc. at Barabanki
around 25 kms. away from Lucknow:

1. Mahadeva : Lord Shiva's Lodheshwar Temple - A temple- Situated at village Mahadeva in Tehsil Ram Nagar of district Barabanki on the banks of river Ghaghra,as ancient history to its credit. As per legends, once Lord Shiv desired to visit to earth . At that time one learned Brahim named Lodheram, who was simple and kind villager, saw Lord Shiv in his dream. Next day while he was engaged in his fields, he found a statue. He could not take out the statue even after a lot of efforts. Hence a temple was raised on the same ground and it was named Lodheshwar Temple. Reference to this temple could be traced back to Mahabharat period, where this ancient temple is mentioned. Pandavs performed the Mahayagya at this place and an ancient well near the place of Yagya still exists as Pandav Kup. A fair is held on the occasion of Maha Shivratri and millions of devotees flock to this temple to worship Lord Shiva.

2. Parijaat - A most amazing tree - Situated in village Kintur (about 38 Kms. away from Lucknow), it was named after Kunti, mother of Pandavs. You can find a number of ancient temples established by Kunti and an amazing tree Parijaat. According to local sayings, Arjuna brought this tree from heavens. Another legend is that Parijaat is a type of Kalpvraksh, found only in heaves and whosoever makes a wish under this tree gets fulfilled. This tree is said to be amazing as no such tree is found anywhere else in the entire world. Its flower is very beautiful and and white in colour. On drying out it takes on golden rings. Please note this tree blossoms very occasionally. The correct time of the blossom could not be traced but anyhow when its fragrance is spread far and wide. The Age of this tree is said to be around 5000 years. With a perimeter of the trunk of this tree being aboujt 50 feet and height of around 45 feet, this unique tree is a must see while your tour to Lucknow. protector

3. Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple, Kotwa Dham Temple, Mazar of Sufi Saint Malamat Shah, Kunteshwar Temples,etc.

In addition to above sacred and important places, you may like to see in Barabanki - Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple, Mausoleum of Sufi Saint Qazi Qutub, (50 Kms. from Barabanki), Badosarai -Kotwa Dham temple - 9 Kms., established 550 years ago by a spiritual King, a very beautiful nearby pond, Mazar of Sufi Saint Malamat Shah, Kunteshwar Temple, Satrikh, Bhitauli - a historical heritage, Masauli -birthplace of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai.