Lucknow Sight Seeing Day-3

Anandi Water Park, Lucknow
Anandi Water Park 
Anandi Water Park, established in Lucknow in around 2002, will convince you that it's a unique water park for fun and adventure for all ages and everybody.

It is probably Northern India's biggest water park with maximum number of slider and events.
The park's lush green beautiful lawns with natural greenery around it makes it most desirable place in the city. 

Kala Gaon, Lucknow Up, India
Kala Gaon- A typical Awadhi village untouched by modernity of India , it is  Kala Gaon in Lucknow. Situated  along the picturesque Indira canal, the real village simple life appears to be as genuine as in contemporary Indian villages.
The moment you  enter the green tree lined hamlet,  you come across a woman, clad in a colourful sari, pulling  water can from a well, and the other village woman seems balancing an earthen pitcher on her head. In addition, puppet show, folk songs, etc. will be most amusing. Food served here is tasty and we relish the rural food items in the city of Lucknow !
In fact these are not the real folks but look  more than genuine. A worth visiting and dining place in Lucknow.

 Regional Science Centre, Aliganj   
A must visit in Lucknow for all. Lucknow is now a centre of Science. The city can proudly boast of scientific activities and research owing to the number of existing Scientific Institutions.
Now children and Tourists coming to Lucknow can see, feel and get answers for all their queries about science. The Regional Science City (RSC), built at a cost of Rs 9.7 crore, designed and developed by the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), spread over 4,000 square metres is probably the first science city in the country to have a gallery on human behaviour with exhibits showing latest technologies in science, bio-technology, agriculture and human behaviour. Students get fully interactive environment and interesting ways to learn the principles of Science.
 If you happen to come to Lucknow, do visit RSC, it is most useful for children and adults as well.

This  excellent Building of the Scientific Convention Centres  attracts  tourist in first sight. You can view from a far distance, its main dome of  which measures around 52.5 metres.  The Centre  has a vast floor area of about 200,000 sq feet, in addition to  3 halls having a  seating capacity to accommodate about 200 to 1400 persons.    


 You may skip it,  if not interest : 

Spiritual Lucknow  - You may select here place of your choice. The site contains information, images, photos, videos of different temples, shrines, etc. in Lucknow

Lucknow has been a place of religious or spiritual activities since its inception by Lord Laxmana during Ramayan time.  Shitla Temple in Menhadiganj Mohalla is one of the most such ancient Devi Temple in Lucknow. You will see description and images of the temples in Lucknow. On the western side of Lucknow, a number of temples can be seen near Chowk, Lucknow, on the road leading to Hardoi. These are Shiv temples called Kalyan Giri temples.  Around two years back Baba Kalyan Giri laid the foundation of the main temple. It is said that even the then Nawab got constructed the temple through his officer, Raja Bhawani. On the eve of first Monday of Sawan, a fair is organised each year. A number of devotees visit these temples on Maha Shiv Ratri each year from the city as well as nearby areas.  If you happen to visit Lucknow, please do see the Kalyan Giri Temple in Lucknow. You will find here description and photos of all temples in Lucknow.

List and description/images of Malls in Lucknow - You may like to shop, here you can find information, images and details of Lucknow Shopping Malls.

Shopping Malls in Lucknow are now   most preferred place in the city. It is probably best place for shopping/fun/eating because of convenience. Climate in Lucknow is quite hot and humid during the 7 months of summer season. December/January are the coolest months of the winter. The central air-conditioning system keeps the temperature congenial which makes the Malls a perfect place during the extreme whether. The other most convenient feature of the Mall culture is the provision of lifts, escalators and elevators. Availability of clean and modern wash rooms and a multiple range of branded products all under one roof make life easier. Lucknowites earlier had to shop for different items from scattered local markets in the city

Picnic Spots and Parks in Lucknow-  A description of Lucknow famous Parks, Gardens and Picnic Spots.  Lucknow city  has several Picnic spots and well-maintained parks  that are star attraction for the citizens as well as tourists.  People visit these places  in large numbers on  holidays, week-ends and evenings. Lucknow evenings have been popular as "Shaam-e- Avadh" and people either visit Hazratganj, Gomti river banks or parks during this nice time . Main picnic spots of the city are Kukrail Picnic spot, Indira Nagar,, Zoo in Hazratganj, Dilkusha Garden, Indira Dam (Dream Valley) and Shaheed Smarak. But young generation today prefers to visit Shopping Malls instead !

 Kala Imambara in Lucknow :   If interested you may view Kala Imambara which  is perhaps  one of the oldest Imambara in Daulatganj,Lucknow. It was built by NAWAB  Asif-ud-daulla during the yer 1700. It is said that owing to Muharram, it was got covered by a black cloth, hence it is called Kala Imambara. The campus consists of Dargah, Imambara and a mosque. 

 Kukrail Picnic spot - situated near Indiar Nagar/Khurram Nagar at a distance of about 9 kms. away from the centre of the city, it is a nice place for holidays and for picnic. You may like to spend the whole day with your family, friends and children. Basically, it is Kukrail Reserve Forest and a Gharial rehablitation Centre. The Ghariyal and  Crocodile Rehabilitation Center was developed during the year 1978. More information
Kudia Ghat (River bank) of Gomti River in  Lucknow

Kudia Ghat is one of the ancient and sacred places in Lucknow city. It is named after Rishi Kaundilya, who had established his Ashram in Lucknow near the river bank in early times. This beautiful Ghat was rebuilt in 1990. You can also view here  an old  Shiv Temple built in the year 1889.