Lucknow -Sight Seeting Day -1 -After lunch (Afternoon visit)

Now you can visit rest places of the city. These are equally important from the tourism point of view and are situated well within the city. These are Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow Residency, Chhatar Manzil, Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan and Begum Murshid Jadi, Shah Najaf Ka Maqbara, Sibtainabad Ka Imambara in Hazratganj, Dada Miya ki Dargah and Constantia (La Martinere College Building) - a most beautiful worth visiting Monument in Lucknow. Next day you can visit Lucknow Outskirts or skip this and visit Sight Seeing  Day -3
Constructed in  the memory of unknown martyrs of the country on the bank of River Gomti , Shaheed Smarak  reminds of us all those brave soldiers who laid their life for the country. 

Here cool air coming across river Gomti salutes the unknown martyrs. It is situated opposite to Residency complex and on the way to Imambara and other monuments of Lucknow. 

You can also enjoy boating on a very nominal charge. However, in absence of safety arrangement, tourists hesitate to go for boating.

A must see for all tourists. There is no entry ticket. You can park your vehicle outside where there is sufficient place.
Entry : Free

 [12] Lucknow Residency   

A silent witness of the First war of India's Independence -The history of the Residency can be traced back to 1774 AD when Nawab Shujauddhaula agreed to have a British resident stationed in Awadh.

Residency was established at Lucknow when the capital of Awadh was shifted from Faizabad to Lucknow in the year 1775 AD. Originally the site of the Residency belonged to Sheikhzadas.

Nawab Asafuddaula started the construction of Lucknow  Residency in the year 1775 AD. You can view here a two storey Museum . Entry : Rs.5/- only. 

[13] Chattar Manzil: [Kothi Farhat Baks) It is a most unique Palace - a view from outside only as it houses CDRI,Lucknow

The Chattar Manzil [Umbrella Palace]  was first constructed by General Claud Martin and later purchased by  Nawab Ghazi Uddin Haider. The excellent architecture was completed after his death by his successor, Nawab Nasir Uddin Haider. The imposing building has large underground rooms and a dome surmounted by a gilt umbrella. Some time back these Palaces housed  Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow. CDRI is considered to be a pioneer research organization in the field of biomedical research  and presently it is a multidisciplinary research laboratory consisting of scientific personnel of various areas of biomedical sciences. However, now it has been vacated by CDRI and it is under renovation. After some time, it will be open for tourists.     More :Chhatar Manzil (Kothi Farhat Banks)   You may like to see:  scientific-institutions-in-Lucknow


[14] Tomb of  Saadat Ali Khan -  In Hazratganj area,  this beautful Maqbara was constructed by Badshah Gajiuddin Haider son of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, This Maqbara is really beautiful and stones are carved with beautiful    designs.  The  floor of the building  is made of marbel and other precious  stones. 4 burj and multiple  doors The grave of the Nawab is in underground Tehkhana  with  16 stylist windows.


[15] Tomb of Begum Murshidjadi

Equally beautiful, Tomb of Begum Murshidjadi  is just a few meters away from Saadat Ali Khan's Maqbara. The dome of the building is most beautiful.  There  are  graves  of Begum Murshidjadi and one of this sons.  During 1857 war, freedom fighters kept canons on  the on both  tombs  and firing was done on 17 March 1858  when Gen. Havloc's 16 soldiers  died at this place.

Begum Hazrat Mahal Park in Lucknow
(16)a :  In the vicinity you can see
(a) Begum Hazratmahal Park and
(b) Globe Park 
- More
Globe Park, Lucknow  (
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 [17] Shah Najaf Imambara - It is  one of the most liked tourist attraction. Constructed by Nawab Ghazi-ud-Din Haider  in the year 1816  to serve as his mausoleum,  this splendid building attracts a large number of tourists owing to its historical importance and look. Here you can also have a visit:
Qadam Rasool :
Although now ruins of a monument built by the Nawabs on an raised platform, it houses a rock which has the impression of a foot, believed to be that of Prophet Mohammed Sahab.The whole place is surrounded by green trees. Constructed in the year 1827-33 by Nawab Nasuriddin Hyder, it was like a pyramid shape and there were 4 minarets on the corners. It is said that this piece of rock was brought from Madina. 




In the western part of Hazratganj,  a splendid and beautiful building surrounded by freen garden and  housing units, is the Sibtainabad Ka Imambara, generally negltected by tourists.   Nawab Amjad Ali Shah (1842-1847) who established Hazratganj in Lucknow, is  buried at this Imambara Sibtainabad.  


La marts, Lucknow
[19] Constantia , La Martinere College Building

It is one of the most magnificent buildings,constructed in eighteenth century in Lucknow. While some other imposing structures had been periodically added to it,  the imposing centre-point is La Martiniere “Constantia”, which was the country house of Major-General Claude Martin. 

Dada Miyan Ki Dargah, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
 [20]  Dada Miyan Ki Dargah , Mall Avenue  - [Dargah Hazarat Khwaja Mohammed Nabi Raza Shah R.A[-  About 2 Km. away from Hazratganj, you can visit and offer prayers to the most sacred and famous Dada Miyan Ki Dargah.  It is situated in Mall Avenue locality of the city and the approach road is good, clean and easy. [Dargah Dada Miyan Road, Mall Avenue, Lucknow (U.P.), India.  More information Mobile: +91 9415078692, +91 522 2238901   E-mail :]