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Lucknow is famous for its  historical, splendid buildings and monuments. The Constantia in Lucknow is so beautiful and particularly the look is so attractive that tourists cannot resist their temptation to know more about this decent building. It was constructed by Major General Claude Martin, who arrived India from Lyons (France) in 1751 when he was merely 17 years old. He  spent the best part of his life in Lucknow. His home in Lucknow, Constantia, now a most liked tourist attraction of this City for its excellent architecture and history,  presently houses  La Martiniere College, Lucknow, founded in the year 1840 according to his Will.
This grand building deserves special mention.  It was built at the end of the 18th Century by Major General Claude Martin.  He arrived in India from France  as a poor, common soldier. However his fortunes multiplied and by the time he came to Awadh, he was in a position to loan Nawab Asaf-ud-daula 250,000 pounds.  The title of Major General was given to him by the East India Company. La Martiniere was originally named 

General Claude Martin was born on 5 January 1735 in Lyon, France. He came to India when he was only
Constantia.  While some believe that the name was derived from his motto 'Labore et Constantia' which means Toil and Fidelity, others say  that it was memorial to his first love, 'Constance'  whom he had left in France.   
seventeen. After the French influence declined in India, he served in the British East India Company and rose to the rank of Major-General. After deciding to reside
in Lucknow, he occupied an important position in the court of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daulah and later his son, Asaf-ud-Daula.

The Main building 'Constantia' houses La Martiniere College. It  is a bizarre building
of India, known for the extravagant eccentricities.  The central tower has bridge links and the entire central range has a strange array of statues dominated by two huge lions whose eyes still impresses the visitors.The  building is constructed in a specific  mix of architectural styles. 
The whole area is of about 200 acres (0.8x   A nearby township Martin Purva  is named after his name Claud Martin. Claud Martin died in 1800 and is burried in the building.  Martin had also willed that his palace tomb should become a school for boys of all religions (he left money to open schools in Calcutta and Lyons, his hometown in France as well). La Martiniere, as he desired, the school be named, was started in 1840. 


The School retains the unique honour of being the only school in the world to have received Battle Honours.

Constantia is built on  a raised ground - overlooking a 'Laat'.  It is said that opposite to it was once a beautiful lake with blue water. The Laat is a solid fluted column and about 40 meters high made in middle of the said lake. It is not known as to why the Laat was constructed but it definitely provides somewhat a beautiful and a different look to the building. 
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Constantia probably a most liked tourist attraction of this City for its excellent architecture and history