Hazratganj  -a Symposium of the old and the new in Lucknow, is a most interesting posh market in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), India. Though costly, people in
Lucknow and tourists as well, like to enjoy (Shaam-e-Awadh- Lucknow Evenings) on the side lanes of the market. Both big showrooms and small shops offer you a variety of items from fine clothes to anything. If you wish to buy branded items, it is the best place. Even if you do not have to buy any item, you may like to walk on the lanes of Hazratganj. Lucknowites like this place and spend their evening in Hazratganj. Earlier, called Queens Way, Hazratganj was open only to British carriages before India's Independence.

This Heritage market has now completed 200 years of its existence. Anyone who loves Lucknow, must be feeling delighted. The warmth of its past grandeur and the new transformed look, make Hazratganj, the

most preferred market for all.
Hazratganj, with its remembrance of 'love-lane' historical Coffee House, Regal Theatre, Filmistan (Now Sahoo Cinema), Mayfair Picture Hall, shopping and Ganjing, is now worth visiting. Coffee House which came into existance between 1914-18 reminds us of the era when people used to come and sit here for hours over a cup of coffee. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Atal Behari Bajpai, Chandra Sekhar, Raj Nath and Sunil Shastri, visited coffee house many times.
Dakhin Mukhi Hanuman  Temple in Hazratganj, has its own importance. Even English used to bow their heads before the temple in respect of Lord Hanuman.
Hazratganj is now more attractive, convenient to walk, owing to renovation work done by the State
Government. The foot paths are now five to seven feet wide, Victorian Lamp Posts have been installed on either side of the market.  Shops and buildings are painted in new even colours. It is now in pink and cream color scheme.


Vehicles are now parked in a new multi level parking lot which has a capacity of about 10,000 vehicles.See image below. For parking a Car, you will pay a sum of Rs.10/- only and Rs.25/- for more than 4 hrs. In addition two new parking places have been developed in nearby aras.
Car, Motor Cycle Parking in hazratganj, Lucknow
Benches, Iron benches made of cast iron with features of corrosion resistance, non-porous surface and long service life, have been fixed on both sides of the market. These are most convenient when you need little rest while walking/shopping in this market.
Some coloured Fountains,benches, lamp posts  installed in the market, provide it an excellent cool look in evening time. If you happen to visit Lucknow, please do have a walk in Hazratganj to enjoy evenings.
History of Hazratganj :

Hazratganj in Lucknow was established by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan in around 1810. It is also said that the Nawab firstly made a One Km. road to connect his new Kothi in Dilkusha, which was ready in 1805, so as to pave the way to Royal procession. In fact Hazratganj as it looks now, was established by Nawab Amzad Ali Shah who was also called 'Hazrat' by the royal family members. He was 5th King of Awadh from 1842 to 1847. It appears that the name 'Hazratganj ' has roots in its nick name Hazrat. After the death of Nawab Amzad Ali Shah on 13 February 1847, his son Nawab Wazid Ali Shah got constructed an Imambara in the centre of Hazratganj. It is called Sibtainabad ka Imambara. He is buried at Imambara Sibtainabad. In the year 1857, Hazratganj was got destroyed due to fights between freedom fighters and English. During the year 1860, it was re-established and road of Hazratganj was made wide. At that time, shops for fashionable items, developed there and many shopkeepers used to live above their shops. In the year 1920, when the Awadh's capital was shifted from Allahabad to Lucknow, this place regained its glamour. Today, Hazratganj is not only a bazar but name of a culture. It is rightly said that Hazratganj is a symposium of the old and the new in Lucknow.

Wondering in the narrow winding lanes which houses numerous shops got associated with the term ‘Ganjing’. Besides a Cathedral Church, the place also has Sibtainabad Imambara which houses the tomb of Nawab Amjad Ali Shah who is referred to have built Hazratganj market

What is important in Hazratganj:
Sibtainabad Ka Imambara, Church, Makbara -Saadat Ali Khand and Begum Khurshidjadi, GPO, Christ Church, Coffee House, Sahoo Cinema Hall, Begum Hazratmahal Park, Laxman Park, Hotel Gemini Continental, Hindi Bhavan, SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, LIC, Bhopal House, Chowdhury Sweets, KD Singh Babu Stadium are some of the landmarks.
Food in Hazratganj:
This market offers multi cuisine and variety of foods both veg and non-veg. A narrow lane between Tulsi Theater (Once upon a time in Lucknow- now shopping complex) and Press Club in Hazratganj is a perfect place in Lucknow where you can relish varieties of Lucknow food specilities in a number of non-veg restaurants. Just adjacent to high rise- Gemini Continental Hotel and opposite to Laxman Park, you will love to be here in evening (Shame Awadh) and relish famous Lucknow foods at some open air restaurants viz. Dastarkhawan, Naushiyajan and many more.Dastarkhwan is presently most booming dining place in lucknow. They serve a number of varitites of food, particularly Shami Kabab, Kakori Kababs, Sheermal with Chiken Masala, Dum Biryani with Booti Kababs and Phirni or Kesar badam Kulfi as sweet. Now Dastarkhwan has also its extension in Indira Nagar Bhooth Nath Market, Gomti Nagar and the new in Lal Bagh area. King of Chat, Chanakya Laddu near KD Singh Babu Stadium, Moti Mahal near Sahu Cinema, Chowdhary Sweets, Coffey House, Tea-Samosa shop near Sibtainabad Imambara, Cozy Corner, Chat-Pani Ke Batashe vale opposite LIC, Dastarkhan, Aryan, Barista, Coolbreak and a lot of lovely food shops are few of the attractions here. A loving variety available in Ganj is Meetha paan, made of Gulkand, petha and elaychi, giving a new special flavour. Paan in Lucknow

Main banks, SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, LIC office, DRM(NR) office, UP Co-operative Bank, etc. are situated in Hazratganj. Halwasia Market, Janpath, Prince market, Vishal Mega Mart and Love-lane are few of the most visited shopping area in Hazratganj. Habibhulla Estate, Lucknow DM's residence, Hindi Bhawan, Jahangirabad Palace, Cathedril Church are also located here. In the vicinity of Hazratganj - the new Sahara Ganj Mall -world class shopping complex provides a lovely experience for all. Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, Lakshman Park, Sarojini Devi Park, Globe Parks make the Ganjing more attractive for all visitors. 

Gemini Continental and Clarks Awadh Hotels are luxury hotels in the area. Hanuman Temple will definitely make you spiritual. And at the other end of the market is the river Gomti - the blue water of the river, few boats, a view of Chhattar Manzil, temples will comple you to fall in love with Lucknow and to say "Lucknow Hum par Fida aur hum Fida-e -Lucknow".  If you ever visit Lucknow, please do little 'Ganjing' , if not you may be missing something.

During renovation and beautification of Hazratganj in view of its 200 years celebrations, carried out in 2010 to mark and celebrate 200 years of its existence, a cannon ball, weighing around 25 kg. and having a perimeter of 63 cms, was recovered accidentally. The same is preserved and will be portrayed as a prized possession and displayed in Hazratganj in the same way as a statue.

Hazratganj is mainly a shopping area in Lucknow city. It houses on both side of road, showrooms and retail stores of mostly all major consumer
items manufactureed in the country. You can purchase anything from a car to jewelery and beautiful antiques. Lucknow famous chikan clothes can also be bought from a number of shops located in the area. Gurjari, Handloom Emporium and Gandhi Ashrams are good for buying Khadi clothes and other handicraft and are major attractions. It is a busy shopping area, where some specialized bazaars, such a Naza Market ( Computer Bazar) of Lucknow are located. Janpath is a new market and mainly houses chikan clothes shops in addition to other consumer goods.

Walking on Hazratganj roads and streets is called 'Ganjing'. This term has been popular among Lucknowities. Hazratganj houses many shopping complexes, banks, restaurants, hotels, Picture Halls, offices and businesses. A Shopping Mall -Sahara Ganj Mall, a decent multi-storied major shopping mall is also located in Hazratganj. It is said to be to be one of the larest shopping malls in the country. It also houses PVR movie theaters besides a huge food court on top floor. A number of Restaurants and food shops offer a variety of food items. If you visit Lucknow, please do enjoy food and snacks in Royal Cafe, Moti Mahal, Aryan, Shukla Chaat Bhandaar, Rover's, Mark's Man, 0522, Barista. Ma Vaishno Bhojnalya, Seema, etc. Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, are some popular places to eat pizza. . You can enjoy sweets, food and chat in Moti Mahal and Royal Caf

Main Retail Shops in Hazratganj:  The Raymond Shop, Sugnamal Creation, Bhasin Sons, Khiamal Sons(Sarees), Lila Bros (Men's wear) Saree Bhawan, Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Ada. Royal Cafe, Moti Mahal Chaudhri, etc. are Dining place. Shopping in Lucknow
The Historic Market Hazratganj now remains open on all SEVEN DAYS - What a relief for thos who get 'offs' only on weekends.  Timings: 8.00 am to 11.00 p.m. (However, it is upto Shop owners)
Hazratganj was earlier compared with High Street at Oxford. Now congestion on the streets have become quite uncomfortable although new parking space and renovation of the area have been done by the government,   With the renovation works, new look of f Hazratganj is taking place  and now the posh Hazratganj is taking the city to  greater heights. 

Did  you Know:

Lucknow has a Love Lane in Hazratganj.  Sounds somewhat amazing? The link goes to British times.  It is said that Lucknow city did not have many places where the British couples could have a hand-in-hand walk.  Main Hazratganj was equipped with many restrictions then.  So the then couples would walk up down the side lane in Ganj. Later, Indian lovers followed the tradition. Lucknowities call it Love Lane.  But alas the glory days are no more in Ganj.  Hazratganj is today most busy place and a kind of fashionable market.  The old structures have been replaced with new show rooms. Some old buildings are still taking new shapes and many closed down.  But still the 'Love Lane' is remembered by Lucknowities like the unforgettable dreams.

Some prominent Shops in Hazratganj :

 Sugnamall's 0522-4005453,
 Khiamalsons - the Saree Shop
Cotton and Bridal Collection, 68, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Shyam Sons -All Schools Uniforms:
24-26 Halwasiya market, Hazratganj
Phone: 3013050

The Kashmir Fruit Mart
79, Hazratganj
Phone: 3919750

Saree Bhawan, Hazratganj

Bhasin Sons, for exotic suit lenghts and Safari lenghs for all ocassion
Opp. Gandhi Ashram, 68 Hazratganj
Phone: 6538092

 The Raymond Shop
48, Hazratganj
Phone: 4070782

Topcraft Tailors
A-14 Janpath Market, Hazratganj

 Lila Bross.
34 - Hazratganj
Phone: 4000878, 4072348

Rupani Bros.  - the complete watch shop in Hazratganj:
58, Hazratganj
Phone:  4004062,  2615024


More Historical  Buildings in  Hazratganj:

Kothi Noor Baksh ( light giving palace), now residence of District Magistrate, Lucknow,was constructed at the behest of Nawab Saadat Ali Khand in the time of Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haider.  In 1837, when Mohammad Ali Shah became the ruler of Awadh,  Kothi Noor Baksh was handed over to his son Mirza Raftussan.  The authentic emblem of Awadh can still be seen here engraved in a stone.
Distance from Hazratganj:
Gomti Nagar: 8 Km.
Indira Nagar: 6  Km
Raj Bhavan : 0.5 Km.
Vidhan Sabha: 0.5 Km.
Rly Station: 3.0  Km.
Air Port :  15 km.
Allahabad:  206 Km.
Gorakhpur: 272 Km.
Kanpur : 88  Km.
Varanasi: 276 Km.

 Nearby areas of tourist impotance:
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