Eco Park Lucknow - Description, Timings, Approach and Images

Lucknow is famous for its excellent art, culture and for its historical monuments. Eco park in Lucknow city is one of tourist destination that combines the greenery  and art at one place. It is now the newest tourist spot in
Lucknow and visited by children/adults and  tourists from all over the world.
You may find here complete information about the Park, its uniqueness, images  etc. Do not forget to see : Musical Fountain in Lucknow
Know before you go   
Care:  Eco Garden is closed on Monday,     
Entry Gate
Geeta palli Side for Tourists and Public,
For VIP :  Jail Road  Side
Entry Ticket : Rs. 10/- 
( No Ticket for children upto 5 years, Handicapped persons, BPL and U.P. MMGAMY Card Holders)
Free entry on 15th March and 9th October
Opening & Closing Time   

Winter (November-February): 11.00 am to 08.00  pm
(March-October):11.00 am to 09.00 pm
Parking: Enough space Rs.10/- scooter/motor cycle

Eco (Eco Park) Garden  is now the newest tourist spot in
Eco Garden, Lucknow
Lucknow. It is now visited by children/adults,  and  tourists from all over the world.
Spread in over 112-acre land, Eco Garden is going to be most desired place for all walks of life . 

Constructed on Jail Road, north side of  Kanshiram Smarak Sthal, the Garden is now open for public and Gate is from (Geeta palli side)  Western Side. 

What to see in Eco Park

Special Green plants of German origin keep  the lawn of the park green evenEco Garden at the time of very  little water availability. 

Entrance Plaza: Between the two entrance Entrance Plaza is unique in its style of architecture. You can feel the Eco of your steps and sound while entering the Plaza.

Rock Garden: It remains green even if there is very little availability.  Eco park is surrounded by green houses  where around 12000 plants of Euphorbia Milli  provide grate solace to the eyes. These plants are of German origin and  capable of blooming almost year-round.

Bronze Animals, Trees statues : A bout 25 verities of animals made of bronze, like lions, tigers, monkeys, dinosaurs, elephants, etc.  amuse  kids in addition to other statues of grass and stones, which  definitely make the Park worth visiting. Sound emanating from them  at the slightest blow of air make them most interesting natural like place in the Park.

Central Mound : A bowl like structure at the central place of the Park. You can have a view of the whole park from this place. You can take rest feel stress free while sitting between greenery and the lights. A water body around the Central mound is constructed.  More than 500 statues of Animals and birds can be seen around it.  Special efforts have been made to make it Eco-friendly.  Use of Solar Electricity, Rain water harvesting and re-use of water are few of them.

Buffer Zone Fountains:  Probably biggest in Asia, 52 ft. tall fountains made of bronze and granite stones are definitely  the other attraction  of Park.

Water Body  : Around 10 water body wherein fountains made of bronze provide a most attractive coloured look during night. Visitors throng in the park to see the reflection of colours during late evening time.

Eco Garden, Lucknow

It is now  one of the biggest ecological parks in the world. It is designed  so as to protect the environment from the increasing pollution in the city.  Central Mound, lawn on north and south side, special types of trees, plants, etc. provide a most attractive look to the visitors.  Pathways, Stairs, Lights Fountains have been designed  and installed  as per the excellent archaeological norms. 

Eco Garden, Lucknow

Eco Park is all set to be the most liked and  preferred tourist destination as well as a lovely place for kids and people of Lucknow district.  Children like it owing to 500 artificial animals made of bronze, 10 bronze fountains with water bodies and a lot of greenery surrounding it which provide a majestic look to the Park. A pathway of about 13 km.  is built up to have a walk and see surroundings.  Arrangements are being made to plant saplings from different places.  The captivating sight of the Garden attracts everyone. 

Apart from various beautiful fountains, green hills, a Green House will be of major attraction. Power supply in the  whole Park  is through Solar energy system which saves electricity.  A vast area for parking of vehicles at the Geeta palli Colony side has been set aside so as to provide ample space for parking. Arrangements have been made for proper  Public Utility services, maintenance and Security of visitors in the Eco Garden.

How to reach:  Eco Park is situated on Jail Road.  It has 2 entrances, one on the VIP Road (It is for VIPs) and the other from Gitapalli colony side. Enough  Parking space for 4/2 wheelers  has been provided at left side.  You can reach here from Kanpur Road side, Jail Road, Rai Bareli Road or from Anand Nagar (Charbagh) side. 

Auto Rickshaws ply on Kanpur Road. You can drop at Avadh Hospital crossing and take another Auto plying on VIP Road. Just drop at Manyavar Kanshi Ram Smarak Sthal and from here the Park is at a stone's throw distance. If you are coming from Rai Bareli Road side, take Auto plying on VIP Road, drop at Manyawar Kanshi Ram Smarak.  From Charbagh side, it is  equally near.      

  Eco Garden, Lucknow

The Eco Park was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 17 September 2009 and lokarpan (released)  was done on 3rd March 2011. It is now open to public.  The Eco Park  attracts tourists, people from Lucknow and all parts of the world. You may also like to visit the nearby places as listed below.  These can be viewed because of their importance and  vicinity to the Eco Garden.

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