Clock Tower in Lucknow

 If you are visiting Lucknow, do have a look at this marvelous piece of Architecture in the city.

The  Hussainabad Clock Tower is truly the finest structure of British
Clock Tower in Lucknow, UP, India
architecture in India. It was built by Hussainbad Endowment Trust   in the year 1887 at a cost of 1.75 lakhs at that time, to mark the arrival of Sir George Cooper, who was the first Lt. Governor of the Awadh. The design and map of this lofty Tower was prepared by Roskell Payne  and you can see the impact of  Victorian-Gothic style on it.The width of the tower is 20 sq.ft and height is 230 ft (67 Meter). 

Some parts of the clock are made of gunmetal and its components were imported from London.  Its principal wheel is one and half inche thick  and has a diameter of 2 ft. which probably makes it larger than the Westminster clock.  Dial of the clock is designed in the shape of a 12  petaled flower and bells around it. It is an splendid and must-see Tower.  The gigantic Clock 's  design, concept and creation was  of  James William Benson - the royal clock maker in England who made clocks for the queen of England. It is said that this Clock Tower is tallest in India. Have a look at the Swan Bird at the very top which could be  a weather-vane and gave the direction of the wind.

Situated near the Roomi Darwaja, it is quite visible from the main road.  The nearby place of tourist importance are Hussainabad Picture Gallery, Satkhanda and Chhota Imambara complex buildings. 

You may also like to visit the Kudia Ghat (river bank of Gomti) -which is surrounded by gardens and stone- raised platforms with statues of Gomti. You may also like to see some old temples here. It appears that Clock Tower is an  completion of the wish of   Nawab
Ali Shah of Lucknow who started constructing Satkhanda  and could not complete it  due to  his death. Satkhanda has only 4 stories completed.

The Clock was not functioning since 1984. Due to efforts made by local administration, all the clocks  started functioning and very soon bell sound can be heard by the people in Lucknow. Initially a single clock was got operative only  on 28 October 2010.  Stairs to the clock have also been repaired.

How to reach:  It is on the main road and surrounded by green lawns. You can view its location on the map below.  Easy to reach as it is near famous Bara Imambara, Satkhanda, Rumi Darwaja and Chhota Imambara.