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Railway Enquiry: 139
Northern Railway -
24x7 Security Helpline: 1322

Railway Police Helplines in Lucknow: 
0522-2287241, 2288103,104,105
Free Ambulance : 108


History of Charbagh -Lucknow Railway Station
This most beautiful and splendid building  was built in 1923 and the foundation stone was laid on 21 March 1914 by Bishop George  Herbert. It is
constructed  in Rajputi style of architecture at a cost of Rs.  70 lakh.  The  building looks like a  magnificent Palace.  The map of this building was sketched by an Architect Mr. Zecob.

 It is one of most beautiful Railway stations of the world. The architectural design of building is amazing. If seen from above the  sky, this building looks  like Chess  Board.
The beautiful building is a combination of Mughal and Awadhi architectural style. In fact, it was named as Charbagh ( four gardens) , which existed at the time of Nawabs.

What is different :

If standing on the porch of the station, you cannot listen the noise emanating of incoming/outgoing trains.  
   Another unique feature of the Charbagh railway station is that an aerial view of the station building shows it like a  chess board and the domes and pillars of the building appear to be pieces of a chess.
Special Tunnels below the Station are now  used for carrying goods and moving  safely from one platform to another. It is most helpful to those who find it difficult to climb the stairs.

The whole building  is built of red bricks and painted in red   and white cement. Historical record reveals that it  this building has been the venue of the first meeting of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. A stone engraved with this message to marked the meeting  is fixed outside the Station.

History: Until 1867, the area was a large orchard developed by Nawabs of Lucknow and it was called Charbagh. The present Station building was constructed in 1926 with domes and minars of intended to harmonise with the architecture matching  to the important historical buildings of Lucknow. 

In fact, railway services in Lucknow city is provided through a number of Railway stations at different places of the city. The main railway station is the Lucknow Railway Station at Charbagh (built in the year 1923).

There are two stations, one is main Charbagh building of Northern Railway and the building at the right side is of North Eastern Railways.

The main building belongs to Northern Railway(NR) (station code: LKO) division of Indian Railways and the second terminal is run by the North Eastern Railway (NER) (Station Code: LJN). 

It is at the right side.Lucknow is a major junction with links to all major cities of the state and country. It handles around 200
trains everyday.

Lucknow has a further thirteen railway stations viz. Alamnagar, Malhaur, Utretia, Transport Nagar, Dilkhusha, Gomti Nagar, Badshahnagar (near Indira Nagar), Manak Nagar, Amausi, Aishbagh junction, Lucknow City, Daliganj and Mohibullapur :  Out of above stations, only Manak Nagar, Mohibullapur and Gomti Nagar Stations have reservation counters.

Facilities available at Lucknow NR (LKO) :

Waiting Room, Dormitory/Retiring Rooms, Baggage Room, Refreshment, ATM. Pure water is available on the counters/as well as on water coolers booth. However, it is 
advisable to carry your own water bottles before the commencement of journey.
There are 9 platforms and facilities for  waiting Room, dormitory/retiring Rooms, baggage Room, refreshment, ATM, VIP waiting room, etc. have been provided.

What is amazingThe architectural design of building is amazing. Probably none of the railway station in India can match the beauty and grandeur of Charbagh Rly. Station Building.You cannot listen the noise of incoming/outgoing trains outside the Station. Due to some changes in the building, it may not be completely true today but it is. Special Tunnels of the station is used for carrying goods and moving from one platform to another.
Railway Helplines
Charbagh, Lucknow

Train Enquiry - a powerful online tool by Indian Railways

Lucknow Junction: 0522-2635752, 2635703,2233081

Passenger Care Cell: Complaint for cleaning : 0522-2233034, Mobile: 9794842457

Complaint for non-availability water in train while moving near Lucknow: 9794842457

: Dial 139 
Fog Helpline :130, 0522-2234610 and 20
Women helpline -Railways -1800 180 5315

Government Railway Police (GRP) Helpline Numbers:   0522-2288103, 2288104, 2288105,9919099190; 9794866946

Railway Police Helplines in Lucknow -Call these helplines in case of  jaharkhurani, theft of your luggage or help against anti-social elements.
0522-2287241, 2288103,104,105

Railway Protection Force  (RPF) Helpline Numbers: Lucknow -0522-2233031, (Allahabad: 0532-2223050,2223060; Jhansi: 0510-2371007; Agra: 0562-2420119)

NE Railway
Lucknow Travel
AC failure Helpline: 9794842457
N.E. Railway : Vigilance Helplines : 0551-155210

WRITE email TO RAILWAYS : N.E. R. Lucknow Division
SUGGESTIONS/COMPLAINTS against commercial issues:
Operations of trains :
Catering  HELPLINE: 1800-11-139
N.E. Railway : Order Food at : 09911746161 (Service initially for Train No. 12555/56 w.e.f. 12 March 2012)

Railway Helplines:  0551-2202964, alternatively send SMS 9794845955

Divisional Railway Manager (Lucknow)-Contact Numbers : 0522-2628309, 0522-2235482, 0522-2628309
Railway Helplines at Lucknow: Enquiry: 0522-2234610,620; 
Commercial Control: 2234533; RPF: 2234535; Emergency: 10720, 9794830952

Lucknow Station Supdt. Phone Number :(0522) 2636182.

Fire : Allahabad (North Central Railway: 09794835916

Memu Trains in Lucknow to Kanpur -Timings

At Lucknow NR Station (Main)

between Lucknow and Kanpur run 4.10, 7.20, 9.35, 11.20, 14.00 ( 2.00
pm), 15.55 (3.55 pm) and 20.00 hrs. (8.00 pm.)

At N.E.R.
5.40, 15.10 (3.10 pm) 18.30 (6.30 pm) and 21.30 hrs. (9.30 pm)

Pre -Paid Taxi available : Passengers reaching Charbagh even at night hours, can hire a pre-paid taxi or Auto to their destination. Elders and women can use the service without any safety apprehension. GRP is planning to start the prepaid taxi booth at LJN Station shortly.
Pre paid taxi booth is in front of Charbagh Railway Station, opposite to building
Trains now operating at Lucknow Jn. :
Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi, Kathgodam-Kanpur Garib Rath, Bagh Express, Lucknow Junction-Pune Express, Pushpak Express   
Gorakhpur-Yesvantpur Express,  Vaishali Express  Raptisagar Express, Gorakhpur-Okha Express, Lucknow-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express

What is different : Cabway : Passengers and visitors are now  able to drive their vehicles upto the platform area of Lucknow Jn.   There are two stations at one place in Lucknow. One is Lucknow LKO (NR) and another is LJN (NER).  Lucknow JN or LJN station has six platforms. The platform No..6 is accessible to the two wheelers, auto rickshaws and cars through an underpass cabway. This cabway is third cabway of Indian Railway after Howrah and Gorakhpur railway stations.

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If you happen to pass by Charbagh Railway Station at Lucknow you cannot escape yourself by the sheer size and beautiful architecture of the Building. Between Platform No. 2 and 9.a  surprise is for you, a Dargah (Mazar) that has been a symbol of faith both of Hindu and Muslim and people of other religions. This is 900 year old dargah of the Khamman Peer Baba in Lucknow, whose magic draws people of all faiths. A number of people assembles here on every Thursday to offer prayers.


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