Alambagh Kothi Lucknow

This Kothi was constructed  in the year 1847-1856 for Begum Alam Aara at present site of Alambagh area of  Lucknow. That is why,  it was named Alambagh Kothi.  Begum Alam Aara  was the  first Begum of Nawab Vajid Alid Sah and was married at the age of 15 years in 1837.

She was known as Khaas Mahal being the frst begum. She was a well educated lady and had interest in literature. She was also a good Shayara and  wrote gazals and Nazme. 

It was 8th February 1856 when Nawab Sahab had to loose his throne due to pressure of English rulers. 

During that time Begum Alam Aara always look after the Nawab and arranged food for him at Fort William Quila. After the death of Nawab, She died in Calcutta during 1889 at the age of 68 and she was buried there in Imambara Sibtainabad.

Alambagh Kothi is constructed with Lakhauri bricks and the brick powder, lime etc. The building and gate are two storied. Unfortunately the building is in ruined condition.

The gate of the Kothi is presently known as Chandar Nagar Gate with beautiful carving of fishes, etc.. This gate was also called as Shahi Darwaja. Watchmen used to live in the ventilated rooms of the gate. 

This Kothi and Gate is connected with the First War of India's Independence in 1857. Due to attack of General Havloc, the building was damaged to a great extent. British used this Kothi as a hospital for soldiers. This was also used for hanging punishment.  Hence it was  also called  as फांसी 

Alambagh Market in Lucknow

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