What to buy in Lucknow -Chikan - Most famous Fine textile decoration style of the of Lucknow

After visiting Lucknow city - well known Bhhol Bhulaiya and other splendid monuments, you may like to know as to what is Lucknow Lucknow famous for ? What should I take with me that is famous world wide.

Lucknow Chikan clothes
1. Lucknow Chikan Clothes

 Lucknow is famous worldwide for its well known  exquisite Chikan work.   Chikan is a unique hand-craft clothe  involving delicate and artistic hand embroidery. You may like to buy here Chikan saree, shirts, suits, kurta paizama,etc.  and other fancy clothes.

It is believed  that Mogul Emperor Jahangir's wife Nur Jahan had first introduced this clothe.

There are various shops in Lucknow selling chikan clothes in Chowk, Hazratganj, Aminabad etc.  You may ask your travel agent for best shops in different areas.  
In addition, Lucknow is also famous for Revari, (a type of sweet), special chat, pan, clay toys. 

If you visit Lucknow, you may like to buy some chiken clothes of your choice and other unique textile specialties. 

The other things that make Lucknow a special one is the 'tehzib' or mannerism which is still thriving and has been a matter of pride for Lucknow folks. 

This is a city that still speaks the language of "aap-janab"(you sir) and the famous dictum of "pehle aap"(after you).This is still prevalent in a true Lakhnawis' everyday life. In addition, the style of Lucknawi Aadab or Namaste or special salutation has its own special sophistication and life-style.

Where to buy:  There are so many nice shops.  You may ask your travel agents for good shops.  One organization called Sewa Chikan sells good chikan clothes through its various shops located in the city at different places.

2. Tundey Kababs -  You can relish and enjoy Kebab in the 100-year old Tunday  Kebabi shop in Aminabad- the most famous outlet for choicest Kebabs and non-veg dishes even today. More

3. Real looking fruits and vegetables made of clay in Lucknow: Name and address of vendors:

A. Ram Asre Fal Vale
, 268/37, Kandaha Tikaitganj, Kallu Pahalvan ka Akhara, Aish Bagh, Lucknow 
Phone: 3839929064

B. Kanhaiya Lal Prajapati, Kandaha Tikaitganj, Near Kallu Pahalvan ka Akhara, Lucknow, 
Phone: 9369223415

4. Buy Sweets  in Lucknow  ----Sweet Shops in Lucknow 
Lucknow is also known for its traditional delectable taste in sweet.  A number of sweet shops in Lucknow sell very good quality of sweet.

7. Purchase new Flats Apartments in Lucknow -A list of Flats, Apartments being developed in Lucknow by renowned builders. This include their address, features, price (if available) and contact Numbers. Visit this site if you need to know about the flats, plots and apartments available for Sale in Lucknow,India.

8. Hazratganj - 200 years old market in the city. You can see here Sibtainabad Maqbara and some old monuments worth visiting. This is central Place of the City.

9. Weekly Markets in Lucknow city  

Weekly markets (make-shift shops) by footpath shopkeepers and vendors  in Lucknow is probably one of the unique  feature of Lucknow city.

On Thursday, make ship shops crop up in  Nazirabaad(Aminabad), on Sunday it is seen in  Nakhas (Chowk) area, on Wednesday it is in Gol Market (Mahanagar) and Tuesday is in Alambagh area.  

The weekly markets are boon for lower middle class.  Almost everything clothes, ready-made clothes, utensils and articles of day-to-day needs remains available here for sale.  There is a mad rush before festivals in these markets.  You may compare it with Fairs and Melas of other cities. The difference is that it is not associated with any religious/pious event and it is purely a business market. 

Sometimes traffic in the weekly market areas gets disrupted due to rush but  shopkeepers themselves try to restore order on road.  The main attraction  is that the prices in these markets are very genuine or much less  as compared to the other regular markets of Lucknow. However, bargaining is done and one has to be ready to bargain to get the items of interest at minimum price.  

The unusual popularity of weekly pavement  markets (eg Buddh Bazaar)    held in different places   on specific days, as above,  are still existing and are not at all affected  owing to   Shopping Malls in Lucknow, though these are held on narrow streets or roads with no parking space or civic facilities. 

These weekly bazaars  in Lucknow  witness swarms of shoppers mainly belonging to the lower and middle class families, particularly, women and girls  picking up trendy tops and tees. Middle aged women and men  are seen negotiating for for best deals in clothes, kitchenware etc.  But one thing that could be noticed, is the etiquette and manners, and softness on the part of  shop keepers and that make the Lucknow - the City of Nawabs.  Sunday's Bungla Bazar market is famous for cereals and vegetables.

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