How to book Gas Cylinder through SMS, Phone or just a call in Lucknow

Booking  of a LPG Gas Cylinder, Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas  in Lucknow  is now a faster, easier and most convenient process with the introduction of SMS/phone booking  system. 
It is called Automated Unified System of Refill Booking through IVRS. 
Booking of Gas  in Lucknow


1. Indane     87260 24365
2. H.P.        98896 23456
3. Bharat    94524 56789

What is IVRS  :This system enables customers to book refills and obtain confirmation round-the-clock seamlessly without any difficulty such as engaged telephones, faulty lines, restricted working hours, manual errors, etc. Booking through IVRS number replaces the old  system of booking. The new system is easy and secure.

How to book a Gas Refill using the new IVRS System in Lucknow:

You can  book a gas refill in Lucknow  by using following two methods:
1.       Booking through  SMS : -   Mobile phoneGas
2.       Booking through Phone : either by Mobile phone or land line phone

Indane Gas:

Introduced on 5th March 2011, for Indane consumers, by Indian Oil Corporation, India,  IVRS  system is working fine in Lucknow  and has been of immense help to customers in booking/acquiring Indane gas refill from the Dealer. The system is being liked by people of Lucknow as the same is  now  most convenient and easiest method to book and get  Gas Refills. You can even enquire the status of your booking anytime.  

Most convenient part of the system is that you can book any time any day as it
works round the clock (24x7).  In addition, IVRS number  may be  a toll free number and hence you may not have to pay phone charges. You have the option to choose Hindi or English language while booking.  To make the system 
further convenient,  an option  of registration is there. In case you register your phone after booking a refill, you do not have to enter  the Dealer’s number and your Gas Connection Number details in future,. This will further save your time while booking a gas next time.
1. Booking through SMS - Registration

If you are using it first time, you have to Register. It is required  one time  only and easy process. 

Registration is needed 
to facilitate auto-identification of the customer when he/she calls up next time
Registration Process:
1. Type on your Mobile   IOC <space>0522 phone number of Gas   Distributor <space> Consumer Number  and send it to  8726024365  
2.  You will get confirmation through reply SMS.
(Example:  "Booking for consumer Number  12345 is registered and the booking reference number is xxxxxx).

You may also receive a Welcome message providing you details of registration).   
Now you can book your Gas Refills :   Just send SMS !

BOOKING via SMS:     See how easy it is !

After Registration (one time only)  for booking through SMS :
1.     Simply type   IOC and send it on 8726024365
2.      You will get confirmation of booking  through SMS on your Mobile.
3.      Later on, you can  dial  IVRS Number 8726024365  for  booking / delivery  details – You need to press 3  for enquiry of last booking.
4.       In future to book gas simply type IOC   and send it  to:  87260 24365.

For booking on HP and Bharat Gas, please see below.
2. Booking via dialing though Phone/Mobile

You can use either your land line or Mobile Phone for booking

1.     Dial   87260 24365

2       Choose language option

Enter  landline phone number (0522+phone number) of your Distributor 
( After the distributor and Consumer number are identified properly,  the system will then ask for the option of refill booking and for other services. Pl note the options Press 1 –is for Refill booking, Press 2 is for Complaint and Press 3  is for Enquiry of last booking)

You will listen name of your Distributor Agency, please Confirm

Enter your Consumer  Number  - ( If the consumer number is 12345, then dial 12345 and if consumer number is A12345, then also dial 12345 – you will get option to choose) You have to enter only correct number. In case  you are not aware of correct Consumer Number please refer your Last Refill Cash Memo or Contact Distributor)

Confirm consumer number

Choose options : Refill Booking/Complaint/enquiry of last booking/personal settings

When you choose Refill Booking option, you will listen confirmation of booking along with reference number.

If you are booking through a Mobile phone, you will get Booking Reference through SMS .

Next time booking is now easiest:

In this way of booking,  REGISTRATION  option is  also provided (after booking confirmation)    to facilitate next time booking.  If you get registration of your Phone/Mobile, you do not have to enter your Distributor’s number and consumer number in future.  Thus you may dial directly on the IVRS number and book refill, etc.

10. Simply call on  87260 24365 and gas is booked !