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Free Video Chat - Talk Face to Face on PC/Laptop/Mobile - free

Free Computer to computer voice and video chat is now possible. It is easy and convenient and what's more-  it is Free !  You may  also find here list of calling apps available for mobiles/tabs.
(A) Use Free Google Video Chat
Now chat face to face with family and friends !  Simply download and install voice and video chat programme from the following link provided by Google :
You need to have the following system requirements:  Operating System: Windows XP or late, Web Camera (install it first). You will notice that the  quality of audio and video is exceptionally of high quality.  
To get started you will need the following:
1. Install the Web camera first- If you have not so far installed a Web Camera, you may prefer to have Logitech QuickCam. 
2. Firstly, download  the voice and video chat programme. The following is the download link :
After download, close the  Internet Explorer or any browser- you are using and thereafter  install/run  the programme. You may be asked to install a few plug-in, just install them. Now sign-in to your Gmail, iGoogle or orkut.

3. A chat list will appear(from your contacts) select the contact you desire to  call. In case he/she has a camera, an  icon next to his/her name appears. You can connect and make a voice/video call. You have the option to either place a video call or a voice call by a click on the camera icon/phone icon.

4. Invite your family or friend :  If the person doesn't have a camera next to their name in your chat list, you can invite them to download the voice and video chat programme  from the menu in a chat window. In case your friend doesn't have a Webcam, you can still have a option to voice chat or a Single-way video chat.
5. Resize Video :  You have the option to  make the video area of full screen. For this, move your cursor over the video chat and click the icon in the upper-left corner. To resize the video area, you can click the Pop-out link in the chat window and drag the edges until you see the video size is of your choice.
Note: There are some terms and conditions to follow. You may view them on following link : Terms

(B)  Use Skype - It is free
Now call anyone in this world for free
What is Skype  and How to Use it for Video Calls 
Skype is simply a simple programme to call anyone in this world - free of cost. Now the chatting is a thing of past.  You can virtually talk with anyone.

Free Video calling on Skype is so easy and enable you to talk whenever you want to – at any moment. Call to check in with your family, relatives while you’re travelling, give your life partner a goodnight kiss via video call when they’re away on business, or use it for your regular calls and catch ups. With Skype you can make free Skype-to-Skype calls, Video calls, instant messaging and Screen sharing.  

How to use Skype:

Firstly download Skype and install it by clicking on following link:
Download link :

If you are using it for the first time you will have to create a  Skype username (called a Skype Name) and a password.
- Pick ones you can remember so you can sign in next time.
- Follow the directions from there and click Sign in.

Now you simply log into Skype, click on the contact you want to call, and press the call button. Thereafter it will  ring them – like a phone – and they can answer. As if it is a real phone.

For Video calling through Skype, you need 

1. PC running Windows® 2000, XP, Vista or 7, with either 32/64 bit OS.( if you are using Windows 2000, you should have DirectX 9.0 for video calls).

2. Internet connection – broadband is best (Note: GPRS is not supported for voice calls).

3. A webcom, Speakers and microphone – built-in or separate.If you have webcom with microphone, you may not require microphone separately.

4. For voice and video calls you should have a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM.