32nd All-India Conference of Linguists 2010 : Bulletin-1

Linguistic Society of India (LSI)

announces its


at   Lucknow, India       during  21-23 December 2010



University of Lucknow, Lucknow
Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore
Urdu Teaching & Research Centre (CIIL), Lucknow
English and Foreign Languages University, Lucknow Campus


LSI will hold the 32nd AICL at the

University of Lucknow, Lucknow, India during 21-23 December, 2010 with the University of Lucknow, the Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), the Urdu Teaching & Research Centre (UTRC of CIIL), Lucknow, and the English and Foreign Languages University, Lucknow Campus as the co-sponsors.


[A]  Areas of Coverage in General Sessions:

Papers (written in English or Hindi) are invited on substantial, original and unpublished research on all aspects of theoretical and applied Linguistics, with particular focus on languages and linguistic applications relevant to South Asia. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to,  the following (alphabetically sorted):

Anthropological linguistics;  Clinical Linguistics;  Computational Linguistics; Corpus Linguistics;  Discourse Analysis;  Historical Linguistics; Indian Grammatical Tradition;  Language Planning;  Language Teaching and Testing; Language Technology;  Lexicography;  Lexicology;  Linguistic typology; Machine Translation;  Morphology;  Natural Language Processing;  Phonetics;  Phonology;  Pragmatics;  Psycholinguistics;  Semantics;  Sociolinguistics; Stylistics;  Syntax.


[B]   Special Sessions, Plenary Lectures, and Best Student Paper Award:

Proposals to include one or two special sessions and plenary lectures by invited scholars (such as the Radhabai Katre Memorial Lectures) are under consideration. Also, there will be the  D.P.Pattanayak Award for the Best Paper in Applied Linguistics" for the best conference paper from a student.


[C]   Paper Submission and Acceptance:

[1] Full papers are due by 31st August 2010 for review.

[2] The full paper should be sent in the Template attached here (Click here to locate the attachment)..  The minimum length of the full paper  is 4 pages and the maximum length is 6 pages.Use only a Unicode compliant UTF-8 font such as Gandhari Unicode (to download this font or two other Unicode compliant fonts (listed alongwith links on the attached page -- click here to go to the page)

[3] Submissions should be in electronic format (to be entered in an MSWord format in the Template). A PDF version of the submission should also be sent.

[4] By 30th September, submissions will be reviewed and the authors  will be informed about acceptance or otherwise of their submissions.

[5] If a submission requires a few minor modifications, authors might be requested to make such modifications in their submissions before final acceptance.

[6] Upon acceptance of the submission, registration fee has to be paid in advance according to the schedule given below.

[7] Paper presenters may bring 50 copies (format to be specified later) of  longer versions of their accepted papers for distribution at the time of the conference (the conference will NOT be in a position to make copies of any materials brought by the authors).


[D]   Presentation at the Conference:

[1] All papers shall be presented orally.

[2] The audience will have, in their hands,  copies of all the accepted papers (which will be included in a Volume of Papers to be distributed at the time of the conference).

[3] Authors who (optionally) bring copies of  longer versions of their papers may distribute them to the audience at the time of their presentation.

[4] It is anticipated that the maximum time to be allotted to a presentation will be 20 minutes (including 5 minutes of discussion time).  Thus it will not be possible for a presenter to READ out his/her paper verbatim. Hence papers are expected  NOT to be READ OUT from the printed versions but should be presented orally and succinctly by the authors directly addressing the audience.

[5] Facility for power-point presentations (through slides) or similar computer presentations is NOT available. However, if an author wishes to play some sound files that are abs­olutely essential to support some points of his/her paper, sound system with amplification may be arranged upon prior and obligatory  negotiation  with the AICL Secretariat.


[E]  Conference Registration Fee and Form:

(for persons from any country) is:

[1] Rs. 250 for a student (student-status has to be established through a letter from the student’s department)   OR

[2] Rs. 500 for a non-student “day-scholar” registrant (= a registrant who will not use the conference accommodation)  OR

[3] Rs. 750 for all others.

The Conference Registration Form should be sent along with the Fee payment in advance.  This is obligatory for Paper presenters. 

Others desiring to register for the conference (as non-presenters) may register on site by paying the fee on site in cash (See Mode F2 below) and by filling the Registration Form.

Click here to download the Registration Form (either in MSWord format or in PDF format).


[F]  Schedule and Mode of payment of Registration Fee:

[F.1] For Paper Presenters:

DO NOT pay the registration fee until your paper is accepted for the conference.

If you want to participate in the Conference without presenting a paper you can send the registration fee in advance or pay it at the time of the Conference.

[F. I] For residents in India:

[A] Schedule: Last date for paying Registration Fee (by Money Order / Bank transfer / DD) : 15th October 2010.

[B] Method of Payment:

    [B.1] By MO: The payee  is: Prof. K. Srikumar, Head, Dept of Linguistics, University of Lucknow, Lucknow 226007.  The full name and full postal address of the payer (along with a Memo/message written on the MO form about the purpose of the payment) should be given on the MO form.  An MO which does not contain the above details will not be accepted by the AICL Secretariat.

    [B.2] By Bank Transfer: The fee may be sent by Bank Transfer into the bank account of the Conference.

              The details of the bank account of the Conference are:

  • Name of the Account:     32ND ALL INDIA CONFERENCE OF LINGUISTS
  • Account Number:            0 0 6 0 0 1 1 0 1 5 4 6 2 5
  • Name of the Bank:          UCO Bank
  • Name of the Branch:       UCO Bank, Lucknow University, Lucknow-226 007
  • RTGS/NEFT Code of the Branch:       U C B A 0 0 0 0 0 6 0
  • MICR Code of the Bank and branch:   2 2 6 0 2 8 0 0 9

    [B.3] Through DD: The fee may be sent through a Crossed Demand Draft that can be realized at a bank in Lucknow and the payee being:    32ND ALL INDIA CONFERENCE OF LINGUISTS

[II] For persons coming from abroad:  Registration Fee (in Indian Rupees) may be paid in advance through bank transfer (See B.2 above).  It can alternatively be paid in cash (in Indian Rupees) at the Conference Office in the evening of the 20th December 2010 or in the morning of the 21st December (by 9am).

[F.2] For Others (= Persons coming from abroad + Persons who are not presenting Papers):

The Registration Fee may be paid in cash (in Indian Rupees) at the Conference Secretariat  in the evening of the 20th December 2010 or in the morning of the 21st December (by 9am).


[G] Conference Accommodation and other facilities:

Very modest accommodation will be provided to Paper Presenters (= paper-presenting registrants) on “first-come, first-served” basis (depending upon receipt of the registration fee in advance).  A list of hotels and similar facilities (to be booked and paid for) by the participants on their own) will be provided on the Conference web-site in due course.


[H] Lucknow’s December Climate:

The minimum temperature may be around 4ºC -- requiring very warm clothing.

Sample URL: http://www.mapsofindia.com/lucknow/weather-of-lucknow.html


[I] [a] Address for all postal correspondence (please write the address with the following line breaks):


32nd AICL Secretariat

Dept of Linguistics

University of Lucknow


226 007



[I] [b] Email address for all electronic correspondence:  32aicl@gmail.com

Prospective participants are strongly urged to use the email-mode of communication as it will be responded to quickly.

Mobile Phone:  9335151453 (this is a personal phone and should be used only in an emergency)


[J] Membership of LSI:

All paper presenters need to be members of LSI.  Details about  LSI are at:



[K]  All further bulletins, announcements, and modifications to the above information, FAQs etc. will be made available at the following Conference web site*:



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