"Soul Portrait 2016"

  A large portion of my work contains water themes.  Water, like art, has restorative properties. Swimming or exercising in water

relieves stiffness and aches.   Standing by a waterfall, feeling the crashing pulse, is invigorating.  The lyrical rhythm of a 

mountain brook is a lullaby.  Walking into a mountain mist is inspirational.  My breath is taken away coming upon a sea shore

 as the night mist rolls across the land.  It’s a feeling of coming home, a move toward wholeness. 

            Art brings the same experiences.  Working out compositions in oils is stimulating.  Working with prismacolors and pens is meditative.  Watercolor work is relaxing.  Laying oil pastels down is refreshing. 

            I use all these medium to tell stories in my creations.  Stories about relationships: a mother and child discover a lakeside or enjoy a game. An aunt and nephew enjoy a quiet moment together.  A young lady sees herself in the lives she has touched.  Some relationships are to places; the spot your soul finds release, or the place you call home.  Some relationships are personal, heart stories that move through therapeutic journeys. 

            Having completed my Bachelor's in Fine Art in December 2008,  I continue to work and experience my growth through art.  My educational use of art contributed to my spirit. I watched as art made a difference in the restoration of a soul impacted by childhood sexual abuse.  I experienced a group of students using Art Therapy to deal with 9-11, and the emotions it triggered in their lives.  Art moves and changes lives in the viewing as well as in the fabrication.  God heals pain through the exercise of imitating the beauty in His world.  I use my art to promote that spiritual healing.                                                              

            In my pieces I use the bold colors found in some of the 20th century American artist work.  The atmospheric perspective effects of the Hudson River School and North American landscapes that followed are also in my compositions.  My pieces are representational or painterly, although some of the architectural watercolors are photo-realistic.  I like to use light for dramatic effects and enjoy playing with different perspectives, whether it is a landscape or a portrait.  With all these techniques I try for an emotional response, a personal dialogue with the art. 
Art and the making of art is an endless wellspring.  
Like water, it can be taken in slowly, in small, cautious sips, or jumped into with a riotous splash. 
Either way, I walk away changed.  
"Ochos Rios"

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