Thoughts on Arduino

Is it the Python of hardware?


Hacking Simplified 

One thing I've studied lately is Python.  Its a fantastic language.  What I learned from Python is that you need to prototype quickly and see what sticks.  Python doesn't compile because its a scripting language.  You also can work interactivly with it to tease out how to use a module of code.

Arduino is a hardware version Python.  You no longer have excuses of not having time to wire up the base system.  The idea of a protosheild is just great.  Arduino is the "interpreter" so to speak, and you add your own module to test out.  The stacking of the hardware helps keeps things neat, which is more important than you think.

Reduced Cost with Improved Ease

You pay upfront for a whole lot of ease.  Get your thoughts down on flash, and run it now.  Does it work? Ok - move on.  You just saved how many hours picking apart some development board or a hacked together breadboard tangled mess (BTM).  I understand that the BTM must be faced once in a while, but were in the third millennium folks!!!  Things are supposed to get easier you know.  If you'd like to do that on every single project you do, go right ahead.  

You might say that Parallax did this years ago with the basic stamp.  That might be true, but the model-t ford was a good first step - but people moved on.

  • Speed - the BSII is slow.
  • Cost - Cost of getting a reasonable prototype into the field is much cheaper.
  • C - Learning C as apposed to basic will open much more opportunities in your career or hobby.

Techno-hipster Community

 One thing I've noticed that the arduino community has roots in design and art.  Arduino feels cooler as a hardware system.  The projects being completed by the community are more futuristic, more connected to the web.  Does the arduino make the technology more accessible?  I think it does.