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Basic Idea

I am starting to dave an idea to use google data api along with arduino to make a super generic logging tool.  All you have to do is load up a simple app to an arduino, run a simple python script program, and it would upload the data to a google spreadsheet in real time. Then you could create a google gadget so you could look at the data you're monitoring through your home page.

Throw Away Prototype

I got some cadmium sulfide sensors and made sure that arduino could send the analog readings up to the com port.  I had worked on the code to update a google speadsheet from the day before.

This is what I had to do:

  1. Download the gdata api for python
  2. Install arduino
  3. Make a simple app to read the analog pin zero and send to the serial port (use the monitor provided in arduino enviroment).
  4. Install pyserial and win32all for python in windows
  5. Go up to google docs and create a spreadsheet with a new google account.  (Right now the script only works with a google account with just one spreadsheet).  Have a header with time, and one with data as the first row in the column.
  6. Run the append for all python script and see it update the spreadsheet
  7. Create a google gadget and then export the gadget to your igoogle homepage.  Here you have to go into the gadget setup and see what the query would be if you used the entire page. Take that, and put it into the setup of the gadget on the igoogle website.
  8. watch as the incredible data streams from your pc to the igoogle homepage.


Look at get query data....


Paste the link from within google docs into the gadget on igoogle...