Self Hell

Messages from Her Holymess. “When Travelling through Hell, don’t Stop and build a Condo !” TV Show, Book, CD, Videos, Dolly Daily Word Calendar.

Once a Self-Obsessed Prozac-Popping failure, her Holymess found enlightenment under her dead Christmas Tree. It was June and she had been too depressed to take it to the dumpster. The Dolly Lila, a self appointed Guru and Founder of the Self Hell Movement has documented her wisdom in webisodes. Some titles include: Develop Your Inner Penis, Make Womb for Barbie, Let Your Cat do the Choosing, and If You Can’t Remember Just Forget It.   The Dolly is one of the most prolific gurus, and has documented her daily lessons for the masses: Diet Til You Die, Follow the Road Less Paved, and Revenge, What the Buddha Never Spoke, are just some of the more evocative titles perfectly orchestrated and narrated by her soothing half octave range.