Deborah started her career as a dancer, actor, writer and director before launching her production company, Lucid Dreams Inc., In Vancouver BC. As a writer Deborah has written for US TV series and feature length films which were produced in India, S. Africa, Canada and South America.  Deborah's recent credit Breakout, was produced in Canada with Sony releasing.   Deborah created a film slate which received support from the major broadcasters and Telefilm (Canada's largest film financing entity). Deborah's play UNVME produced in Los Angeles, garnered Critics Choice Awards as well as awards for Best Writer, Best Actor and Best Production. The Los Angeles Times called her a “gifted comedian” and compared her satirical writing to that of Woody Allen. Lucid is currently producing Night Wings and is in prep with her animated musical, Insect Idol, which was developed with the support of Telefilm. 


Dori started as story editor at Atlas Entertainment owned by Former President of Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, Dawn Steel.  Dori was soon promoted to Creative Executive on a six hour mini-series for TNT based on the Creation of Israel.  Dori was responsible for the bi-lateral agreement between Palestinian and Israeli governments to participate equally in creation of the series.   

As Creative Executive at Cinergi Pictures - his credits include: Nixon, the Scarlet Letter and Die Hard: With A Vengeance.  

As Creative Associate Producer at HighWire Productions, headed by Emmy Award winning Executive Producer/Director Daniel Sackheim he worked on several network dramas including: House, Kingpin, and Lyon’s Den starring Rob Lowe, Hawaii Blue and Homeland Security. 

Dori also was involved in casting Prime Time series. 
He produced four theatrical productions garnering 10 awards from the Los Angeles Drama Critiques Circle.  As Director of Development and Media for a Global HIV/AIDS NGO,  Dori produced and directed a short film for the organization and established relationships with other AIDS organizations based in Europe and Africa.      




began his career as a writer and director of music videos 
and commercials. 
He set up a digital department with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London, and helped create VFX and animation studios in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia.
Dusan works in character design, sound mix, digital intermediate and has directed animation projects  He worked as an animation director and VFX supervisor on feature films, TV and 4K interactive rides for theme parks including Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs Superman, Prometheus, Riddick, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1&2, Narnia, Harry Potter, Blade 2, Outlander, Pitch Black and Nutty Professor 2.    
Film Finances, Unifi, and the former International Film Guarantors (bond companies) hired Dusan to assess their films, from script to budget, cash flow and monthly review.   He has supervised their work around the world.

Dusan brings his vast experience as a VFX Supervisor, Producer and Director of Animation on block buster films to Lucid Dreams and is directing Night Wings and Lucid's animated slate of films.


Anne has created award winning music videos and documentaries.  Anne developed and co-produced the movie Escape Human Cargo with Showtime. Anne heads up the factual department at Lucid and also co-creates content.