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THE M FOUNDATION is an expression of the new current which interprets knowledge as light into the sphere of being. Open knowledge and give diffusion to light is the movement of freedom. In our time, this way to interpret life and knowledge is the hipster and coo

mentality that comes out from the

sharing information


.:.Open G.:.D.:.  

developing a social consciousness able to observe in a critic way the form of economy, law, politic, culture and Art as spiritual gift to share with everybody. 

The internet synchronicity gives to each one of us the opportunity to have an international personality (something that was possible in the past just for a very restrict élite) and the anthropological path to theater, and all the forms of sharing values and thoughts and experiences are transforming the way to feel the internal dimension of collective unconscious giving new meanings to an emerging social intelligence.  You can read our books, you can listen our records, you can see our drawings, you can publish with us...

Our Experience Shows!

We want to increase freedom in literature, because literature is power. But not because we fight for power, but because we fight for freedom, awareness, emancipation. Freedom in literature is power of mind, and we go straight on the way that lead towards to be what we want to be.

This is the reason why THE M FOUNDATION
 offers to you this freedom. Freedom even from language, because we want to speak in a language which is not the classic one, but a slang that comes from people who speaks in a slangish argot, a nouvelle koiné for a new system, very close the way we express our thoughts writing an email.

Don't worry about how much you sell. Be free and light as an Artist have to be. Also the position of THE M FOUNDATION as Publisher is not to make money and money and money. Our goal is to make beauty and light and awareness and share these feelings worldwide.

Sharing your book is to share a philosophy that leads towards a new way to conceive life and success, that is to consider not in material meaning but as a state of mind. You have been chosen. Receive in your mind the condition of success and don't care about how many copies you sell. A book can live for so many years...

While promoting your book, we ask you to promote THE M FOUNDATION and its aims. We hope in future to have enough money to set up an international conference, and may the Spirits conceive that this will be possible. 

Remember that THE M FOUNDATION is an ethic system, and what we earn is in a part given to charity's organizations.

THE M FOUNDATION is present inside the main cultural websites of the European sources (Labforculture, Rhiz,eu, Cultureinside and other databases; search the word "Meditheatre" to check it). 

To work with us is to contribute in creating a new culture of awareness and enlightenment.

Bárbara Beatriz Fuentes Muñoz

posted Sep 4, 2010, 6:27 AM by Davide C. Crimi

The M Foundation Poetry Collection / Selection Prize 2009

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