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Promenades in the Countryside

Route 06: Ring of RUOTA, 8.5 km, climb 350, time: 3 hours

This route stretches between the villages of Colle di Compito task, at the foot of Monte Pisano and Ruota at the top among olive groves and woods. From the old church of Hill, the ring rises to cross the hill Trabardatica (crossing point) and arrive at the quaint Romanesque church of Ruota. Then passes through the only narrow country road, cross the river Visona and, after passing the small inhabited Piè Maggiore, thence to the hill of the task through the valley of Visona.

Route 07: Ring Santallago, 15.5 km, climb 800, large ring travel time: 4 hours, small ring travel time: 1 hour

The path converges to Santallago, large lawn to just over 700 m above sea level and surrounded by chestnut trees. The bases of the large ring is in the suburbs of St. Just and St. Andrew's task, while it was a small ring made up the spikes.

The route starts in San Giusto in Ceccotti places, where there is a marginetta. Continue south towards the valley and climb Borgognone for an old mule track up to incroziare a forest road from the St. Peter's Source. The trail continues toward the pass of Prato Sigliori and comes at a slight slope up to Valentine's Day, the site of a hermitage, which has now disappeared. Through a half-cart track to reach the coast from Santallago Vorno and go up to the last hairpin. The descent along the coast from Santallago Castagnone of trees, Mount Formica, Sasso ballocciori and continues at an angle to the tower of St. Andrew. It then crosses the old road to the popular source from here to St. Peter and St. Just with 800 meters of paved road.

The small ring of the spike port Santallago and follows the ridge to the summit, where you can admire a remarkable. Go down the slope NE.

Route 08: Ring of Vorno, 10 km, height 530, time: 3.30 hours

The route starts at the historic comeback Top Vorno and direct trail to Camp Cross, which went down well then Calci (PI) for the street called Lucca. The climb takes place for the shady and narrow valley full of water and top crosses a forest road. Return by a cart road up to Mount Carrara, through the Dead Man, until you return to Top Vorno, location Nuns.

Route 31: Trans. of Cavallaro, 9 km, altitude difference 380, time: 2.30 hours

The route begins at Trabardatica, accessible by wheel or Church of the task with the path 32 or the Hill of the task with the path 06. The forest road Sassabodda, behind the wheel, continues the path of Sassabodda Crociale and, until the source of the Cavallaro. Here the path joins 0-0 that, for the Way Tobler, leads to the meadow and ends at Camp Santallago Cross.

Route 32: "Pian Bello", 8.8 km, climb 750, time: 3.30 hours

The trail begins near the source and arrives at the wheel Agostina 1.30 hours, after crossing the hill where it meets the path Trabardatica 06. Through the village and leaves him at the wheel of Major Footer to climb to a large chestnut to Pian Bello, one of the few shelves which are located offshore of Mount Pisano. Then climb up to Prato and football on the wheel carriage of the Monte Serra in about 2 hours to rotate.

Route 34: "Sassabodda", 8 km, altitude difference 650

The route begins near the source of Vico along the Cape Coast and an eponymous Sassabodda metato. The last stretch is located between the Via del Monte Serra and the Hermitage, where there are some remains of the church.

Route 35: "Gallonzora", 7.7 km, climb 450, time: 2 hours

The first leg of the trail goes along the Rio San Quirico taken to the Aqueduct of Nottolini that short distance, with a small temple in the place called "Golden Words", grows until it reaches the outskirts of Lucca. Going up the Rio, is reaching across the Gallonzora.

The rest of the journey takes place takes place in a ring around the Mount Valley, reporting to the crossing Sigliori Prato, with the underlying field of the temples.

Route 36: "Monte Zano", 8.3 km, climb 670, time: 2.30 hours

From the church of the village of Vorno go up a good path to approach the cart road that goes to Santallago and deflects towards the top, where there is a cross of light. 1800 meters on the same cart-path, take a path that is sloping, the height of the ruins of Casa Ghiacetto, leading to a forest road. Going Metato it comes to sowing, when the mountain community initiatives, until you reach Campo di Croce.

Route 37: Ring of Vorno and Coselli, 11 km, height 450, time: 3 hours

This route consists of a ring at low altitude, which is part of the country Vorno and develops mainly around the valley of the plain of Lucca Coselli that leads up to the Locks of Guappero. The route goes past the 08 places above the Nuns and the crossing of the Dead Man. From here a short flat trail leads to the artificial lake of Pianettori. Through a nice dirt road leads to Mount Vignale and leads to the flat in La Cecca Coselli. Across the valley then return to Vorno.

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