Teaching Philosophy


As a music teacher in the tertiary education, I steer student toward the best possible path to becoming a well-informed and well-equipped professional. Along this path, where a budding musician’s own voice unravels, basic principles and positive attitudes towards discipline, punctuality, responsibility, collegiality, organizational and communication skills, should not be compromised.

Dialogue and Balance

The system of teaching and learning can be imagined as a dialogue. Throughout this dialogue, my choice of proper words and delivery at the appropriate moment is significant to each student’s needs in various stages of development. I strike a balance between offering solutions to students and asking them to cultivate their critical thinking. As a lecturer, I present a great breadth of comprehensive knowledge while focusing on important specifics. Some students require a builder’s nurture, whereas others deserve a finisher’s touch. It is my responsibility to manage how to balance my role, as I observe my students grow toward their short- and long- term goals.


As a pedagogue with a broad background and experience, I excel in offering diversity in teaching approaches and program designs, while meeting the demands of today’s higher education standard. I am ready to integrate multicultural experiences in instruction, and multidimensional approaches to meet the needs of diverse learning styles. I motivate my students to think about ideas that enable their passions and achievements to reach a broad spectrum of audience.

Listening and Concentration

I actively incorporate exercises and modes of listening and concentration into students’ technical framework, especially when distractions in today’s society make staying on with a productive task for a considerable amount of time seem exhausting. Breathing and meditative exercises are crucial to mind-body-soul centering, relaxation, and battling insecurity. 

Curriculum Development and Assessment

When I develop a curriculum, I emphasize the importance of inspired learning in order for the materials to act as a launching pad for students’ future pursuit. I constantly shape my curriculum according to students’ feedback, as well as current trends and improving on the shortcomings in the field. A special collective goal-oriented project is utilized, to assess students’ familiarity with the concepts learned and teaching effectiveness. From the learning perspective, it is important to step outside the conceptual box to put knowledge and skills into practice. From the teaching perspective, it is a challenging but rewarding task to flexibly come up with inspiring projects that fit the overall level and progress of the class.

Career Development

Coming from a background of self-entrepreneurship and creative approach to a pianistic career in the 21st century, I consider myself as a valuable resource for students, by offering insight into different facets and possibilities in their career development. My versatile approach as a multidimensional pianist and networking capability with the industries’ top professionals, make me aware of the vast possibilities that lie ahead for each student. I develop curriculums that combine musical elements in a non-traditional way, in hopes to motivate students to discover their individual unique voice, which will give them an extra edge when entering the profession.