Canadian pianist Lucas Wong is equally at home as a soloist, chamber musician, pedagogue, and répétiteur. His repertoire covers harpsichord, piano, and extended keyboard techniques. His CD "Scherzando Piano" (Titanic Records) features music by Debussy and Chabrier.  He contributes to scholarly work, music adjudication, and a cross-discipline research on software algorithm for piano reduction. His article "Humour in late Debussy" was published on The Musical Times. He gave a Debussy lecture at the Juilliard School.

Lucas Wong has performed in many prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, CBC Radio, Banff Centre, Seoul Sejong Center, and the the University of Hong Kong  Grand Hall. As a soloist, he has appeared with orchestras, while also touring with rarely performed pieces, such as Liszt-Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique and George Crumb's Makrokosmos. He has pioneered a multi-year Mostly Debussy lecture-recital series, while commissioning three distinguished composers to write a new solo piano cycle to be dedicated to him in 2018 (at Debussy’s 100th anniversary). 

As a chamber musician, Lucas Wong has performed with world-renowned artists, such as Joe Alessi, Soovin Kim, Susanne Mentzer, Frank Morelli, David Shifrin, and Fei Song. As a versatile partner for both instrumentalists and vocalists, he is also a superb vocal coach and assistant conductor. He has been on the roster of the New York City Opera, SongFest, Opera America, the Opera Theater of Connecticut, and the Hugo Kauder Society.  He has been the official accompanist for auditions in the Metropolitan Opera National Council, Music Academy of the West, and iSing!Suzhou. He was the founding artistic director of Liederfest in Suzhou, an unprecedented art song festival in China. 

As an educator and administrator, Lucas Wong is a founding faculty at the Soochow University School of Music (China), where he holds as a piano professor, an undergraduate co-director, and a coordinator for chamber music, collaborative piano, and staff accompanist roster. He establishes a fresh approach to functional keyboard course, and comprehensive curricula for chamber music and collaborative arts. He maintains guest teaching in top institutions in Asia, such as Seoul National University, Peking University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Shanghai Conservatory, and Xinghai Conservatory. 

Lucas Wong began his early training at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.  He is a graduate of University of British Columbia (B. Mus) and Yale School of Music (MM, MMA, DMA).  Major mentors include Boris Berman, Claude Frank, Peter Frankl, Michael Friedmann, Margo Garrett, Martin Katz, Warren Jones, Julian Martin, Edward Parker, Tak Poon, Rena Sharon, and Robert Silverman.  He holds a Post-Graduate Fellowship from Bard Conservatory.  He has been generously supported by the Début Competition (Canada), Marilyn Horne Foundation, the Yale School of Music Alumni Association, and the Vancouver Foundation.  He received a Gold Medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, the conservatory’s highest honor for his ARCT Teachers’ Diploma.  

加拿大华裔钢琴家黄俊肇博士担任苏州大学音乐学院的钢琴教授。他演奏的作品跨越六个世纪,包括大键琴、钢琴、及用延伸技巧的作品。他对任何钢琴有关的曲目类别,例如独奏、室内乐、声乐伴奏、各种乐器伴奏、歌剧、芭蕾舞、及合唱团等,都发挥了艺术最高的技巧。除了跟乐队合作协奏曲,黄博士曾经演最具有钢琴技巧挑战性的作品,例如贝多芬《“槌子键琴”奏鸣曲》,勃拉姆斯两本《帕格尼尼主题变奏曲》,柏辽兹(李斯特改篇)《幻想交响曲》,和乔治·克朗姆《大宇宙》。作为一位有奉献的老师、艺术指导、出版社钢琴书本编辑、音乐研究者、比赛评判、及计算机算法对钢琴谱的改善发明者,他曾因德彪西《十二首练习曲》为题材的博士论文之出色而被邀至纽约茱莉亚音乐学院演讲 。他曾在2009年上海音乐学院国际钢琴大师班讲课表演。黄博士的“Humour in Late Debussy: multiple perspectives on Douze études”学术文章在2016英国《音乐时代(The Musical Times)》杂志发表。

黄博士曾在许多著名音乐厅演奏,如美国纽约卡内基的音乐厅、纽约施坦威音乐厅、上海贺绿汀音乐厅、香港演艺学院和加拿大班夫音乐厅等。他的演奏无数次在加拿大CBC广播公司播放。作为一名艺术指导和指挥,他是苏州国际和Colburn艺术歌曲音乐节的艺术指导,纽约城市歌剧院的副指挥,同时担任许多音乐节和国际比赛的指定伴奏,如美国大都会歌剧院比赛、Eckhardt-Gramatté新音乐比赛等。他曾与一些获奖作曲家紧密合作,进行他们作品的世界首演,如William Bolcom、Jake Heggie 和David Bruce。黄博士的学术生涯开始于香港演艺学院,随后在温哥华不列颠哥伦比亚大学获得音乐学学士,在耶鲁大学获得音乐表演硕士和博士文凭。他参加过多项音乐大赛并获奖:加拿大Début大赛、Marilyn Horne声乐拌奏比赛、耶鲁大学音乐学院校友协会、UBC协奏曲比赛和温哥华基金。此外,他还获得了多伦多皇家音乐学院ARCT教师资格的最高荣誉金牌。他的学生也考进多所世界著名的音乐学院和大学。