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These are my hobby projects. Some of them have some code, others are just ideas that I intend to work on some day. If you like some of them you can send me a message here.

Cell - A 2d platform flash game, here is a description.

Empires - A browser-based strategy game. It will be a mix between Tower Defense and Tribal Wars. Source / Demo

Generic game table - An online game where the player put cards or pieces on a table. The goal is a generic platform where anyone can create a deck of cards simply adding a bitmap and a simple text file. A better description can be found here.

Island Generator - Based on the Koch snowflake. Source / Demo

Jogo da ortografia - A quiz portal. Source

OpenMarket - A site where it will be possible to sell features for a free/open-source project. It will be a portal where the client creates a card requesting a feature or a bug fix and includes how much he would pay for it. The developers would then negociate with the client the final value of the card. The implementation of the cards could be either open to the community or only to a development team. The goal is to promote small and more specialized applications.

Path  - A board game resembling Connect Four. The main goal is to do a path of pieces from one player side to another. To do it the Path Engine, a reactive puzzle engine was developed, and I will probally make a separate project for it. Source / Demo

RegexToHtml - Generates an html file based on a file with regex sentences and css classes.

Subtitles repository - Simple, easy to use client to a subtitle repository. The goal is download a subtitle with a right click on a avi and choosing download subtitle and a right click on a .str file to upload.
The repository should e accessible by http and it should e open to anyone who wants to edit the str files.

Unofficial statistics - Using google maps let the users put in the map information about: basic sanitation, garbage service, places where he was robbed and so on.

WG - MMO where the player can freely walk on a city full of sport gymnasiums, going from cart races o table tennis. The goal is to train the character in various aspects  so he can compete.

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