Lucas Rosenblatt

Affiliations: CONICET and University of Buenos Aires

Contact: lucasrosenblatt83 at gmail dot com

I currently hold a research position at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, Argentina). I also have a teaching position at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Buenos Aires.

My areas of specialization are philosophical logic, epistemology, and philosophy of language. I also have a strong interest in the philosophy of mathematics and in the history of logic.

Most of my research in the last few years has focused on truth, non-classical logics, the semantic and logical paradoxes, the knowability paradox, deflationism and inferentialism. I have an off and on interest in other topics such as neologicism, vagueness, logical pluralism, and higher-order logic.

I am a member of the Buenos Aires Logic Group and of the Sociedad Argentina de Filosofía Analítica.